Top of the Week: Cancel Culture Strikes Jewish Singer’s Release of Song Promoting Peace

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Cancel Culture Strikes Jewish Singer’s Release of Song Promoting Peace

Need more proof that antisemitism continues to grow and plague the international atmosphere? The transparency of the worldwide hatred against Israel and its people continues to grow exponentially, and now it’s rearing its ugly head in the music industry.

The song “God of Israel,” performed by American evangelist and worship leader Sean Feucht, Lebanese Christian Carine Bassili and Jewish Israeli singer-songwriter and musical producer Yair Levi, was not only delayed in its release this past week iTunes and Spotify, but when it was finally released three days later, the two companies refused to credit Levi for his participation in the song on their download label.

Although it is steeped in centuries of bias and hatred toward the Jewish people, antisemitism has exploded since Hamas attacked Israel on Oct. 7. With Israel simply trying to defend itself and its people, global media bias has pointed its crooked fingers at Jews and the government in the Holy Land. Many millions around the world have taken up sides with Palestinians and the animosity toward Israel simply continues to grow limitlessly.

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7 Signs That an Angel Is Next to You

Pastor, author and founder of New Life Church in South Africa, Dr. Miz Mzwakhe Tancredi says that there are seven things that happen when an angel enters your atmosphere. If you’re a believer, you probably know that there are angel(s) always next to you, but wouldn’t you like to be able to see the signs of it?

Tancredi says that there are seven things that happen when an angel of the Lord enterers your atmosphere.

“We all know what, according to Hebrews 1:14, angels are ministering spirits sent by God to minister to us. And, of course, angels are there for our protection, preservation and prosperity. But what happens when an angel enters your atmosphere?”

Kat Von D on Leaving Behind Alcoholism, Throwing Away Occult Books and Baptism

Kat Von D is breaking her silence on how she became a Christian and her journey of leaving behind alcoholism, throwing away occult books and her baptism that left the entire world in awestruck.

On the Relatable podcast with Allie Beth Stuckey, Von D explained that she grew up learning about God, but that the concepts of Christianity didn’t stick with her.

“I ended up straying,” Von D says. “I ended up like being a pretty wild teenager and leaving home at the age of 14 running away and putting my parents through a literal hell that I have made amends for now…I had a lot of questions as a kid and I don’t think my parents were equipped with the answers.”

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IHOPKC Announces Major Update in Bickle Investigation

In the wake of accusations that have rocked the Christian community, IHOPKC has developed and released a report on the initial findings of the investigation into founding pastor Mike Bickle.

The following present extracts from the initial findings report put forward by IHOPKC leadership:

Three weeks ago, on Oct. 24, a group of men led by a local Kansas City pastor, (the “Complaint Group”) officially presented IHOPKC’s Executive Leadership Team (“ELT”) with a series of allegations against Mike Bickle allegedly made by eight women whom the Complaint Group claimed to represent.

Prophetic Warning to Megachurches: Free Chapel’s Revival Signals Paradigm Shift

In a recent episode of the Encounter Today Podcast hosted by Bishop Alan DiDio, Larry Sparks from Larry Sparks Ministries shed light on the powerful revival that took place at Free Chapel, led by Pastor Jentezen Franklin in Gainesville, Georgia.

The revival, spearheaded by Evangelist Perry Stone, witnessed a profound outpouring of the Holy Spirit, with approximately 3,000 individuals experiencing a transformative baptism in the Spirit.

Amidst the chaos and disunity prevalent in the 21st-century church, Sparks passionately conveyed a call to move beyond superficial expressions of many modern churches, emphasizing a genuine hunger for more of the Holy Spirit. He highlighted an unfortunate trend of what he termed “Pentecostal light” in certain gatherings, where the pursuit of God’s presence is diluted to mere comfort without embracing the dynamic move of the Spirit.

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