Whistleblower Claims FBI Targeted Former Military Members for Political Beliefs – American Faith

Whistleblowers from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) have come forward to claim that the agency is targeting former military members for their political beliefs.

According to documents obtained by The Washington Times, Deputy Assistant Director Jeffrey Veltri and Assistant Section Chief Dena Perkins of the FBI’s Security Division revoked security clearances of veterans and attempted to push them out of the bureau.

The FBI accused conservative military veterans of being “disloyal to the United States of America,” the disclosures reportedly read.

“In these cases there was no indication that any of the individuals had any affiliation to a foreign power or held any belief against the United States,” the document said.

Signs an employee was a “right-wing radical and disloyal to the United States” included refusal to wear a face mask and receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Perkins attempted to remove a security clearance from a former Marine, but the accusations against the individual were unfounded. She then instructed investigators to contact numerous police departments for any allegations made about the Marine.

“During the process, Perkins was attempting to provide evidence so she could terminate this employee because he was ‘Disloyal to the United States,’” the disclosure notes, according to The Washington Times.

The disclosure adds, “An employee advised that at least two of the publicly known FBI whistleblowers were former members of the military, specifically … Kyle Seraphin and Garret O’Boyle.”

The whistleblower said FBI supervisor Sean Clark told another employee that he was going to really ‘screw’ O’Boyle.”

O’Boyle lost his security clearance after he testified before the House Judiciary Committee regarding the weaponization of the federal government and later became homeless.

“O’Boyle and his family were left homeless. The FBI had possession of all of Mr. O’Boyle’s and his family’s personal effects, including clothes and furniture,” the disclosure explained. “No one in [security division] took any steps to assist O’Boyle from the desperate predicament that [security division] created. SecD caused O’Boyle, who was still an FBI employee, to be left destitute in a city [where] he had no family or support.”

American Faith previously reported that two FBI whistleblowers, Steve Friend and Marcus Allen, saw their security clearances revoked after making protected disclosures.

Friend raised concern about the FBI’s handling of Domestic Violent Extremism cases and the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot, saying the bureau’s approach “deviated from standard practice and created a false impression with respect to the threat of DVE nationwide.”

Allen, on the other hand, was accused of promoting “conspiratorial views in regard to the events of January 6th” after sharing open-source opinion videos related to the Capitol riot with his colleagues.

In a response letter, the FBI explained the revocation of Friend’s security clearance was due to his refusal to partake in an authorized arrest and the unauthorized download of FBI documents.

Allen’s clearance was revoked after he circulated alternative theories and materials that could “hinder investigative activity,” according to the FBI.