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Today’s Brew starts with a good ol’ French Roast.

Standing Up: Over 180,000 Gather in France to Protest Anti-Semitism

We take back all the jokes about hairy armpits.

More than 180,000 participated in a marches Sunday across France to protest the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe and the U.S. According to the Associated Press, France itself has seen over 1,000 acts of violence against Jews since the Hamas massacre of Oct. 7.

“A France where our Jewish fellow citizens are afraid is not France,” wrote President Emmanuel Macron in support of the marches. 

American Flag Burned by “Pro-Palestinian” Mob in NYC … on Veteran’s Day

A violent mob of Hamas supporters calling for the “genocide of the Jews” invaded and briefly shut down Grand Central Station Friday night, at one point trying to get at police inside.

The “pro-Palestinian” protesters also tried forcing their way into the New York Times building. (Why? To thank them for downplaying Hitler back in the day?)

The mob in the streets posed such a threat the Jewish community was told to harbor in place. In America.

Good News! Homeless Problem Solved in San Francisco!

Magician David Copperfield plans on making the moon disappear in a stunt he’s been working on for years. Copperfield has nothing on San Francisco. The City by the Bay managed to make its massive homelessness population disappear virtually overnight. They didn’t utter “abracadabra.” They merely said “Chinese dictator Xi is coming to town this week!” And “poof!” the streets got cleaned of the homeless and the human excrement.

I get the idea of cleaning up before a special guest comes over. But it’s still kinda funny they think Xi wouldn’t know what San Francisco usually looks like. 

FBI Rewarded by 70 GOP Lawmakers For Hunting Patriots, Parents and Pro-Life Activists With New Headquarters

The FBI needs a new headquarters. The current one is rotted from the inside and falling apart. The building’s in bad shape too.

Seriously, the Bureau desperately wants to build a shiny, huge $300 million new headquarters. The Bureau has also become utterly politicized and corrupt to the point of interfering in the last two presidential elections (and the current one), targeting traditional Catholics, pro-life activists and concerned parents, while protecting the crack-addled son of a paid-off politician.  The GOP had the leverage. “You want your new headquarters? We want a new, reformed FBI.”

Yet, 70 GOP lawmakers threw away all the GOP’s leverage for reforms by signing off on a new FBI headquarters in Greenbelt, Maryland. (Maryland, Virginia and D.C. have been battling for the building for years.)

The Government Services Administration “determined Greenbelt to be the best site because it was the lowest cost to taxpayers, provided the greatest transportation access to FBI employees and visitors, and gave the government the most certainty on project delivery schedule.” Well that sounds good. But this being the Biden Administration, they couldn’t stop there. “It also provided the highest potential to advance sustainability and equity.” How about the highest potential for stopping terrorists and pro-life pregnancy center arsonists?

Rep. Matt Gaetz moved to defund plans for the headquarters. But 70 Republicans voted with all the Democrats to reject Gaetz’s proposal.

I grew up in Prince George’s County where this new headquarters will be built. Seeing Maryland beat Virginia at something is sweet indeed. But rewarding the FBI with a new building now is like rewarding the Taliban with new weaponry … and who would ever do that?

25th Amendment Watch: Commander-in-Chief Gets Confused at Veteran’s Day Commemoration

The Commander-in-Chief did little on Veteran’s Day to snuff out concerns that he is no longer mentally fit to serve. After laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington, Joe Biden appeared to be bewildered at what to do and where to go, turns back toward an Honor Guard soldier, who points him in the right direction. It’s not like Biden’s a first-timer.  He’s spent over 10 years laying wreaths at similar ceremonies as VP and President.

But you watch the clip. Perhaps he is just turning back to ask the soldier a question. Perhaps Kamala is not giving Joe the comforting look of a Visiting Angel.

Breaking Campaign News: Sen. Tim Scott is Suspending His Presidential Campaign

Sen. Tim Scott announced on pal Trey Gowdy’s Fox News show Sunday night that he is suspending his presidential campaign.  “I think the voters, who are the most remarkable people on the planet, have been really clear that they’re telling me: not now.”

The genial Scott hadn’t made much of a dent in the race. Though at last week’s debate he did finally introduce his girlfriend, Charleston interior designer Mindy Noce. Sue me. I’m a sap for a love story.

Scott’s departure now leaves Gov. Ron DeSantis, former Gov. Nikki Haley, former Gov. Chris Christie and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy as the prime contenders trying to wrestle the GOP nomination away from Donald Trump.

How The Grinch Woked Christmas: Wisconsin City Official Rejects “Religious Decorations” in Public Buildings in the Name of Diversity and Inclusion

Forget about “religious decorations” in public buildings this Christmas in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Deputy City Administrator Melissa Canterero Weiss sent an email out to city employees asking they refrain from putting up “religious decorations” or “those solely associated with Christmas (such as red and green colors.)”

So in her “ongoing effort to foster a more equitable and inclusive community” nix anything that actually points to the reason for the season in consideration of those who do not celebrate Christmas. See, in Weiss’s mind being “inclusive” means excluding those who celebrate the birth of Christ. And for that matter, those who may not think of Jesus as their Lord and Savior, but want to commemorate the birth of the figure whose teachings and example changed the world.  

Of course, the Supreme Court has ruled religious expressions in the public square are Constitutional. You could put a Nativity Scene on the steps of City Hall or have Wise Men bobble head dolls in your cubicle with no Constitutional problem at all.

Here’s another sign you are dealing with a Grinch who woked Christmas. Among Weiss’ suggestions for holiday decorations: “Snow people.” Who calls ‘em “snow people”?

You know what happens to “snow people” when the weather warms? They become gender fluid.

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In the meantime, Dr. Michael Brown is back with a wrenching “Israel is Always to Blame.” 

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