John Kirby Shuts Down Reporter Calling for Condemnation of Israel – American Faith

Coordinator for Strategic Communications at the National Security Council John Kirby stopped a reporter calling for the United States to condemn Israel over alleged humanitarian law violations.

Reporter Nadia Bilbassy claimed that Israel is “in violation of international humanitarian law and the Geneva Convention.”

“With due respect, John, some people think that you repeat what the Israeli army spokesman [is] saying. It’s exactly what they’re saying — you’re repeating here,” Bilbassy stated, adding, “What’s wrong with standing here and say when Israel do something wrong because you’re the best friend, you have leverage on them, why not criticize them?”

“Your question presupposes that we’ve made some determination that the law of armed conflict has been violated, and we’re not at that point,” Kirby responded.

“So, that — you’re disagreeing with the U.N.,” Bilbassy asked.

“I — I would just tell you we’re not going to react in near real time to every event. Israel has a right and responsibility to defend itself and we’re going to make sure they have the tools and capabilities to do that,” Kirby emphasized.

“Again, we’re one month after this and we ought not forget what happened one month ago. 1,400 people slaughtered in their homes and at a music festival and when Hamas decided to conduct operations, it was with the intent of killing people. You know, I heard this word genocide tossed around about. Hamas actually does have genocidal intentions against he people of Israel. They’d like to see it wiped off the map. They said so on purpose. So, that’s — that’s what’s at stake here and we’re going to keep making sure that Israel has that ability to do that.”

“Now, as for the voices, of course, we respect all different voices and perspectives on this and we know that there’s a lot of high emotion here when it comes to what’s going on. We have never shied away from criticizing our friends and partners when we believe it’s warranted and we’ll continue to do that,” Kirby noted. “We also believe that — that — that — the — the best diplomacy, the best progress and diplomatic pursuits is to do it privately, and outside the public eye and we’ll continue to do that as well. We’ll continue to have the tough conversations with our good friend.”