Heroic Acts Amidst Tragedy: Israeli Doctor Shares Stories of Courage During Hamas Attack on Oct. 7

Dr. Yoram Klein, director of trauma and critical care surgery at Sheba Medical Center, said in one instance, parents shielded their 2-year-old child when terrorists tried to break into their home. When the terrorists couldn’t get in, they set the house on fire.

“They put the baby between them and hugged each other with the baby between their bodies and crawled through the window and hid in a truck,” Klein said. “And, luckily, they survived and were able to be evacuated to Sheba.”

In another example, Klein pointed to a father who saved his wife and children when he held their shelter door with his hands and took gunshots as he protected his wife and six children.

“He just held the door and absorbed all the munitions and gunfire they were aiming at opening the door, and they failed, and they just figured out that they were wasting too much time here and went to find families that were easier to kill,” Klein said. “This cost him severe injuries, but he saved his family.”

Meanwhile, Israel’s Office of the State Attorney announced today a multi-agency investigation of the Oct. 7 attack.

“The State of Israel will act to bring to justice terrorists who have been caught or will be caught and will demand penalties that will outweigh the severity of the horrors they have committed,” it added. 

The office said Hamas’ “acts of horror are being investigated in the close cooperation of the General Security Service, the police of Israel, and the Israel Defense Forces, and that the investigation is being carried out in the close accompaniment of the Attorney General and his people, and under the supervision of the legal advisor to the government.” 

Photo Courtesy: ©Getty Images/Dan Kitwood / Staff

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