Stephen Colbert, Pete Buttigieg mock speaker Mike Johnson for opposing homosexual ‘marriage’ – LifeSite

(LifeSiteNews) — Self-described Catholic talk show host Stephen Colbert welcomed embattled U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to “The Late Show” last week to push back against previous comments made by Speaker of the House Mike Johnson where he argued that experts believe sodomy is a “dark harbinger of chaos and sexual anarchy that could doom even the strongest republic.”

Buttigieg, an active homosexual, told Colbert that “the love of God” is in “the home” he shares with his “husband” Chasten, with whom he adopted two black children two years ago.

Buttigieg then shared what pro-LGBT websites have described as a “wholesome” anecdote about how he and Chasten struggle to make macaroni and cheese and change diapers on time.

“Everything about that is chaos, but nothing about that is dark,” he argued.

The Catholic Church teaches that same-sex relations are inherently disordered and that they are one of the four sins that cry to heaven for God’s vengeance, the other three being willful murder, oppressing the poor, and paying workers unjust wages.

Buttigieg, 41, was baptized Catholic but has since apostatized. His deceased Marxist father taught at the University of Notre Dame. When he announced on social media in September 2021 that he and Chasten were “becoming parents,” religious Americans excoriated them for sharing an image of themselves on a hospital bed.

“These two men have erased mom from the picture, a Stalinesque act,” LifeSite reporter Doug Mainwaring wrote at the time. “It’s as if she never existed. “

Authors Katy Faust and Stacey Manning likewise said, “If the media were in the truth telling business, this couple’s ‘gotcha day’ photo would be captioned, ‘Two powerful men sentence twins to a lifetime of mother-lessness.’”

Johnson is widely known for holding socially conservative views. In the 1990s, he and his Evangelical wife Kelly worked to oppose lax divorce laws. In the 2000s, he was employed by the Christian-oriented law firm Alliance Defending Freedom, where he opposed homosexual “marriage” and took on religious liberty cases. At the time, he wrote articles warning about the dangers of sodomy.

Since being elected to Congress in 2017, Johnson has repeatedly voted against LGBT legislation, winning him support from pro-family conservatives but opposition from Democrats. At the same time, he told Fox News’ Sean Hannity recently that he acknowledges that the Supreme Court’s legalizing of same-sex “marriage” in 2015 makes it the “law of the land.”

On his show last week, Colbert categorized Johnson’s record on “LGBTQ issues” as being “awful.”

“Too bad for Mike Johnson — and great for everybody else — same-same ‘marriage’ is legal, it’s constitutional, it’s thriving,” he also said.

Colbert has flouted firmly established Church teaching for decades. He counts dissident Jesuit priest Fr. James Martin, who has defended Buttigieg’s “marriage,” as one of his closest friends.

Buttigieg is the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana. During his failed 2020 bid for president, he deceptively positioned himself as a moderate Christian who could reach across the aisle to middle of the road Americans. He cited the Bible during a number of campaign speeches to erroneously justify his support for abortion. He failed to garner widespread support from African Americans in particular, which may be the reason he adopted two black children.

Many political experts expect Buttigieg will run for the presidency in the future, likely after purported shadow candidate California Gov. Gavin Newsom seeks the role in 2024 or 2028.