Should Biden Be Added to Monument for Mount Rushmore’s 75th Anniversary?

As you read this commentary, a ministry I’ve been a part of almost since its inception will celebrate our 50th anniversary in D.C. Intercessors for America’s core Scripture (alongside 2 Chron. 7:14) is 1 Timothy 2:1-2, directing us as our first priority to pray for our governing authorities.

I pray for Mr. Biden every day but that does not mean I must respect him as a person (while I respect the office of the presidency). I believe he is guilty of grave dereliction of duty and instead of being the problem solver desperately needed at this critical time, he is detached and seemingly cares little about the plight of the American people.

He ignores the economy (gas, groceries, savings, interest rates) and conducts himself in a ceremonial way with a leisurely lifestyle frivolously spending trillions. He is the biggest spending president in U.S. history, adding an astronomical $6 trillion to our national debt which can lead us to financial collapse.

He pays no attention to our border crisis, lying brazenly with his team (“The border is closed, secure and under control”) as fentanyl seizures have increased 800% with annual related deaths over 100,000. He projects weakness to world leaders, suggesting appeasement with Hamas as he regularly brushes off alleged corruption with Hunter.

I have no malice towards him but there comes a time when we must “speak the truth in love” (Eph. 4:15).

Are You Listening?

If you’ve listened to Joe Biden’s speeches from his inaugural address on “America United” then “America’s Successful Withdrawal from Afghanistan” plus numerous addresses celebrating the “phenomenal success” of “Bidenomics” for working class Americans, you might be persuaded he sincerely believes what he says and might believe it’s time to make room for him on the world famous monument of Mount Rushmore.

Should we be broaching the subject with FBI Director Wray raising the serious specter of Hamas and jihad terrorists in America which differs with Biden’s stirring speech in Philadelphia (with the ominous red backdrop) where he warned America’s biggest threat today is “Trump’s MAGA Republican extremists”?

2 Questions

1. Should we carve out additional presidents on Mount Rushmore, our iconic symbol of America to include Biden?

We just celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Mount Rushmore monument where over 3 million pay tribute yearly, awestruck by the 60-foot-tall sculptures of four outstanding presidents:

Washington, Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt and Lincoln.

The colossal project started in 1927 in the granite mountain of Black Hills, South Dakota. Heavy-duty dynamite blasted out almost half a million tons of rock!

If you’ve visited the breathtaking site, you quickly observed the mountain is barely able to hold the four presidents. It would be a catastrophic event if some ambitious individuals tinkered with the classic stone carvings. The national monument is overseen by the reputable U.S. Park Services who would not be amenable to marring the classic achievement. It would take a massive fundraising effort alongside an enormous amount of legal red tape.

So, is there any chance of carving out room for additional presidents like Joe Biden? Nope—ain’t gonna happen.

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2. Are there other presidents in line ahead of Biden?

I personally believe Joe is delusional about what he’s done and is somewhat of a legend in his own mind. He does campaign appearances at taxpayer expense in cities portraying a picture of a prosperous and progressing America that doesn’t square with reality. The Bible warns all in Romans 12:3 “not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think with sober judgment…” I don’t know if he’d do this, but why don’t we line him alongside previous presidents?

3 Heroic Ones

  • Lincoln

    This outstanding Christian Republican leader was the “Great Emancipator” who exhibited competence and courage, being honored worldwide for the values he embodied and espoused. The outstanding leadership and tireless work he invested to overcome slavery even at the cost of his own life is evidenced by his statues seen in 145 places in America and two dozen abroad. His Gettysburg Address is a classic masterpiece.

  • Washington

    The “Father of our Country,” first President and leader of the Constitutional Convention was also a military hero in the Continental Army that defeated Britain, the most powerful military force on earth. He was a strong Christian whose values of patriotism and conservatism would have placed him as a Republican, but the party didn’t exist.

  • Reagan

    He was older yet indefatigable. The “Great Communicator” after two terms as Republican Governor of California took on the challenge of a nation in decline and turned things around through his strong leadership and uncompromising traditional principles. His conviction was “peace through strength” and he led the way to victory in the “Cold War,” defeat of Communism, collapse of the Berlin wall and release of American hostages in Iran. He boldly declared “Government does not solve problems; it is the problem!” With Russian leader, Gorbachev, not even a hint of appeasement.

3 Horrific Ones

  • Buchanan

    This Democrat president took office in 1857 and was inept and left a legacy that led to the Civil War and over 700,000 Americans killed. His laziness and lack of leadership resulted in civil unrest, secession of states and a divided country. He never married and many believe he was a homosexual. He supported the infamous Dred Scott Decision and was an unskilled puppet in the hands of pro-slavery forces undermining our society.

  • Hoover

    After a period of prosperity, wasteful and foolish spending led to the Stock Market crash of 1929 and Great Depression. He was an uncaring man living in a “bubble” who ignored the needs of the people and with millions out of work, in debt without homes ending up in shanty towns (“Hooverville”). Hoover, a self-absorbed individual, eventually departed, moving into a posh Waldorf Astoria luxury suite in New York City.

  • Carter

    In 1976, a supposed “down home, good ol’ boy” from Georgia, Jimmy Carter, slipped into the White House as a Democrat you could trust. His policies plummeted America into decline and a “state of malaise.” Mortgage rates shot up to 18.6% and inflation hit a record 14.6%. Ignorant and naïve, I confess I voted for Carter, learning my lesson that elections have consequences, and I’d never be an uninformed voter again!

    Here’s the Deal: For over three years, I’ve been “blowing a trumpet” that Biden is inept and incapacitated. His cognitive state is only going to get worse. His cadre of Marxist propagandists shamelessly prop him up.

    It should be obvious to the reader that I was never serious about him being placed on Mount Rushmore, but it was simply another way to say with urgency as the 2024 election is less than a year away: “Joe has got to go!”

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