I Stand With Israel – Intercessors for America

I’ve never posted a black square on social media.

As a result of some basic research that anyone could have done, I quickly deemed Black Lives Matter, Inc., to be a criminal, anti-Christ, anti-family, anti-American organization. All I had to do was read their materials and follow the money through ActBlue.

Join others crying out to the Lord day and night.  

Within weeks of George Floyd’s death, his autopsy showed plainly that there was no damage to his throat or neck, and that he did not die of asphyxiation or suffocation, but that he did have a high level of fentanyl in his system — more than most humans would be able bear.

More recently, a civil suit has finally made Floyd’s autopsy public. We now know that this case was maliciously molded from a stack of hyperpolarizing lies and deceptive omissions. Now, let’s examine the aftermath.

Defund the Police. This strangely energized movement gained so much steam, so quickly, that violent crime has risen significantly in nearly every major U.S. city. Behold how many businesses have consequently been driven out of these same cities. Law and order is a shrinking concept in the rearview mirror of our country.

Next, consider all of the violent, destructive, and even deadly riots fueled by BLM Inc. and Antifa. Just look at the burned-out buildings, the vandalism, and the cordoned city blocks of the so-called CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone) and CHOP (Capitol Hill Occupied Protest) unlawful-occupation protest zones in Seattle.

But far worse was the utter collapse and decimation of our basic understanding of racism. I’ve read the incendiary books by the famous race hucksters. I was horrified then, and I’m horrified now.

No, I never posted a black square.

I’ve never posted a “pride” flag on social media.

I’ve got gay friends who readily admit that the maniacal depravities of many in today’s gay “community” look nothing like the rights they rallied for decades ago. That initial community is one that many gay and lesbian people today no longer ascribe to. Trans insanity has hijacked the “pride” moniker, and children have become the focus of this contemporary militant movement. “Groom” kids from as young an age as possible, these sexually corrupt radicals insist, and paint their parents as The Enemy. Isolation, sterilization, castration, mutilation — these are the “rights” too many are rallying for today.

No, I never posted a “pride” flag.

I’ve never posted a Ukraine flag on social media.

A basic understanding of world history and geopolitical events reveals 21st-century Ukraine as being one of the most corrupt countries in the world, and America has helped it to become that way. Globalism is no friend of Ukraine or of America, and neither are the UN, the WHO, NATO, or the WEF.

Zelensky’s laundromat is rinsing and spinning hundreds of billions of dollars, and yet Biden only keeps pumping more quarters into the machine.

No, I never posted a Ukraine Flag.

I’ve never posted a vaccine syringe on social media.

From its origin to its release, the engineered SARS-CoV-2 virus is the single greatest vessel of death and destruction ever foisted upon this planet. Human organs harvested from aborted babies with their hearts still beating were used for gain-of-function experimentation, the spike protein was specifically designed to wreak havoc at the cellular level in the human body, and the resulting mRNA genetic potation was in fact anything but a “vaccine.”

Between the Pfizer trial reports, the emerging data, and the studies on the dangers of these shots, plus Anthony Fauci’s FOIA-revealed emails with Dr. Francis Collins and Dr. Ralph Baric, we now have absolute certainty that everything they’ve ever told us about COVID and the vaccines were only carefully crafted lies.

No, I never posted a syringe.

My refusal to conform to these so-called social-justice movements that demand we “wear the ribbon” should never be thought to conflict with the way I live, love, and serve my family, my friends, and the people I meet.

I love my gay friends, I understand all the reasons that BLM hooked the empathy of a nation, and I judge no one who sincerely believed the COVID vaccine was safe and effective.

But the kingdom of God alone informs and shapes how and why I speak out so strongly against movements that, far from being rooted in Christ, are instead hatched from lies, deception, and manipulation.

By and large, updating your profile picture or putting out a yard sign may be innocent enough, as sociopolitical activities go. But certain placards throughout history scream otherwise. “Workers of the World, Unite!” became a mass-murdering global death sentence. And “Aryan-owned” was essentially a complicit racist’s cowardly plea.

Here’s what stuns me most: Why have so few flags for Israel been posted on social media these days?

To be sure, we fully champion the safety, prosperity, and individual liberties of Palestinian people living in Gaza and the West Bank. We also firmly support the same for the Jews living in Israel.

In America’s founding, we called out: “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” However, those three pursuits are truly resident here only if the preceding tenets in the text of the Declaration of Independence are adhered to.

“We hold these truths … ” — if we do not hold fast to truth and guard it fiercely, then all bets are off.

“ … to be self-evident … ” — for this unique construct of society to remain and to flourish, truth must first reside deep within the citizens themselves. Every citizen.

“ … by their Creator … ” — if these same citizens refuse to bow before our Creator, all three pursuits are promptly yanked from under us.

Only two nations in the history of the world were founded upon the love of God. Israel was founded because God loved Israel. And it may be said that America was founded because America loved God.

The idea that Israel has colonized the Palestinian land is a libelous contortion of Middle East history. Suffice it to say, Islam’s land grab spans barely 1,400 years, while Israel’s promised-land history commenced nearly 4,000 years ago.

Not only did Adonai repeatedly pronounce to the universe that Israel is His idea and the apple of His eye, but Israel also remains the only nation denied the right to win a war. What other nation, after a decisive defensive victory, is required to return conquered land to its enemies?

And the idea of a Palestinian genocide is a canard. The population in this Arab region has increased steadily since the 1950s, and this continues today. The mere use of the term “genocide” is intentionally aimed to dissuade the uninformed.

The idea of a Gazan “open prison” is yet another heinous fabrication. Its fences, barricades, and militarized borders are not there to prevent Jews from invading Gaza. They are there to prevent demonized Islamic terrorists from invading Israel.

On Oct. 7, heaven and earth beheld what murderous and demon-possessed terrorists will do when once they breach that border. Such radical Islamic terrorists must be eradicated, and without apology. Now.

It’s as if Hamas sympathizers are deluded enough to believe that any video evidence of that hellish assault is unreliable — or unavailable entirely. Me, I’m still waiting to find video footage of IDF soldiers raping Arab women and brutalizing toddlers.

Both the Hamas body cams and their own published rules of engagement prove that it is they who adore Satan.

If you choose to post an image of the Hamas flag on your social media, I ask you simply to circumvent the echo chambers of leftist propaganda. I ask you to consider the possibility that you have been lied to. Systematically. Again and again.

May we all set our minds to catch the sounds of Adonai as He releases truth, wisdom, and revelation in these ever darkening days. Let us cease to admire the Gadarene swine as they leap off the cliff. Instead, let us return to personal repentance and godly service. May we never again be fooled by the crop-dusted lies of the pagan, anti-Christ globalists.

Judeo-Christian formularies have nothing in common with radical Islamist praxis.

Therefore, I stand with Israel.

Share your prayers that wars would cease to the end of the earth, for the salvation of Palestinians and Israelis, and for the peace of Jerusalem and the Middle East.

Keith Guinta writes at www.winepatch.org. He is a husband, father, small-business owner, and worship leader. He has been a church planter, a pastor, a mountaineer, a stand-up comic, and an Ironman athlete and coach. Having led mission trips to Rwanda, Uganda, and India, Keith now focuses on his work rescuing girls from the sex trade in the Philippines with www.wipeeverytear.org. Photo Credit: Taylor Brandon on Unsplash.