Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre blasts ‘radical gender ideology’ targeting school kids – LifeSite

RICHMOND HILL, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) – Speaking to a crowd of supporters at a rally, Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leader and MP Pierre Poilievre blasted what he called “radical gender ideology” targeting kids in public schools.

“Justin Trudeau does not have a right to impose his radical gender ideology on our kids and on our schools,” Poilievre said at a recent rally, according to a video clip posted to Rumble by the Western Standard.

Poilievre’s comments caused the crowd to burst into cheers and applause in support of his statement in favor of parental rights.

Continuing his speech, Poilievre said that when it comes to decision-making regarding children, it is the parents who have a right to know what is going on in their child’s school.

Poilievre said there are “millions of childcare experts in this country, and their names are mom and dad,” adding that having “mom and dad’ be the sole ones in charge of their children is “common sense.”

Asked if Poilievre is indeed against gender ideology, director of media relations Sebastian Skamski confirmed that he is, as per the Western Standard.

Poilievre has a few times before spoken in favor of parental rights. In September, he blasted Trudeau for “demonizing concerned parents” who attended the Million Person March against LGBT indoctrination.

Poilievre made clear that “Parents should be the final authority on the values and lessons that are taught to children.”

“Trudeau should butt out and let parents raise their kids,” he said.

In August, he said that when it comes to what kids are taught in public schools, “parental rights come before the government’s rights” and parents alone have the final say on what their kids learn.

At the CPC’s annual convention in September, members voted overwhelmingly for a motion calling for the party to support a ban on gender transition surgery for minors and instead offer support for kids’ mental health.

Overall, party members voted in favor of 13 pro-family policy resolutions at its convention.

In recent months, many concerned Canadians have protested LGBT indoctrination in the nation’s schools. In September, thousands from coast to coast participated in the Million Person March.

Provincial governments fighting back against radical LGBT agenda in classrooms

Extreme leftists trying to push their LGBT agenda in the classrooms has led to the conservative-led governments of Saskatchewan and New Brunswick implementing parental consent policies into law.

Saskatchewan, under Premier Scott Moe, recently passed a new policy protecting parental rights that states parents must be told if their child changes “genders” at school.

Moe followed the example of New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs, who was condemned earlier this year by LGBT activists for reviewing the province’s “gender identity” policy that allowed schools to hide students’ “transgender” status from parents.

Under the new policy, teachers need parental consent to use different names or pronouns for students younger than 16.

This past weekend at its AGM, members of the ruling United Conservative Party (UCP) under leader Danielle Smith passed a host of resolutions calling for parental rights to be protected.

Smith told 3,800 UCP members that she unequivocally defends parental rights, saying society depends on “strong and nurturing families” and parents are the “primary caregivers and educators” of their children.

Resolution 8, passed by UCP members, calls for parental consent for children to “change” their pronouns at school.

UCP members also passed resolution 17, which calls for the party to support a comprehensive Bill of “Parental Rights which ensures that all legislation will recognize and support parents’ rights to be informed of and in charge of all decisions to do with all services paid for by the province, including education and health care.”

Party members also passed resolution 20, which calls for the party to ban pornographic materials from being allowed to be used by teachers.