A New Survey Finds Americans Believe Climate Change Is Impacting Their Lives Now

Most Americans think that climate change is impacting their lives now, according to a Pew Research Report released on October 25.

Nearly two-thirds of Americans (63%) believe that climate change will get worse in their lifetime. Most young adults (78%) aged 18 to 29 foresee the effects of climate change being a part of their future.

Respondents also say it is having an immediate impact, causing harm to people in the U.S. today. Another 28% of respondents say that climate change is causing “some” harm.

Nearly a quarter of Americans (23%) say they will have to make “major sacrifices” because of climate change. More respondents (48%) say they will have to make “minor sacrifices” due to climate impacts.

There is a partisan gap on the issue, with almost half (46%) of Republicans/Republican-leaning respondents saying they will have to make no sacrifices to their regular lives in response to climate change compared to 11% of Democrats. More than half of Democrats/Democrat-leaning respondents (54%) say they will have to make “minor sacrifices.”