FBI Sets Up Recruitment Table at Pride Event – American Faith

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) set up a recruitment table at a Pride event in South Carolina.

The move prompted criticism on social media, with individuals claiming the FBI is politically biased.

In a statement on X, formerly known as Twitter, the FBI wrote, “Recently, @FBICharlotte participated in a Pride event where the FBI spoke to attendees about career opportunities and the work the Bureau does to protect civil rights.”

Reporter Tayler Hansen tweeted, “Y’all already had a grooming problem before this so I’m not surprised this is the route you’re going.”

Another user wrote, “The only reason the FBI should be at a Pride event is in an undercover capacity given the rise is trans motivated attacks and widespread child grooming.”

Beanna Morello of the “Breanna Morello Show” asked, “How many pedophiles did the FBI arrest when y’all were there?”

A 2022 report by the House Judiciary Committee revealed allegations of misconduct and political bias within the FBI.

According to the report, the FBI manipulates data to fit a narrative and removes employees with right-leaning views.

“The Federal Bureau of Investigation, under the stewardship of Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland, is broken,” the report reads. “The problem lies not with the majority of front-line agents who serve our country, but with the FBI’s politicized bureaucracy.”