Tapping the spirit of ‘The Climate Generation’

For more than a few people, the subject of climate change is reason enough to turn the page or reach for headphones. But for the individuals you’ll meet in this issue, it’s an impetus to do what most people do when problems crop up: roll up their sleeves and get to work.  

In the Nov. 6 issue of the Monitor Weekly, we launched “The Climate Generation,” our series about young people around the world for whom a shifting climate is not a point of contention so much as an ever-present facet of life. We’ll take you to the Canadian Arctic, Barbados, Portugal, Namibia, Bangladesh, Turkey, Germany, and the United States, guided by reporters Sara Miller Llana and Stephanie Hanes, photographers Melanie Stetson Freeman and Alfredo Sosa, and project editor Clara Germani. These places are on the forefront of climate challenges – be it in courts of law or flooded communities. You’ll hear more about that soon. What you won’t hear a lot about is polarization or eco-anxiety; coursing through these stories is a can-do attitude infused with purpose and the expectation of progress.

Sara and Melanie found optimism in drought-stricken Namibia. Young Indigenous Guardians in remote villages in a warming Arctic spoke of opportunity amid crisis. Everywhere, our reporters found active youth networks that transcended geographical barriers.