Israel’s U.N. Ambassador Warns of Terror Attacks in the United States – American Faith

There might be a terror attack against Jews in the United States due to the alarming rise in antisemitism since the Hamas massacre of Israelis started the war, Israeli United Nations Ambassador Gilad Erdan said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Erdan emphasized that “we are on the brink of a catastrophe. Any moment, we might see a terror attack against a Jewish community here in the United States.”

He said “the situation right now is shocking. We see now thousands of people chanting, ‘Death to Israel, death to the Jews.’ We see Jewish students all across the United States on college campuses that are being threatened not only by other students, [but] by their professors, and presidents of universities cannot even condemn the terror attacks.”

Erdan stressed that “it’s already too late to say that we expect them to speak up or call out the antisemites. We expect them to take action. We expect them to expel students, to fire professors who are antisemitic. We expect them to call the police to investigate the harassments of Jewish students. This is truly unacceptable, this situation right now.”

Erdan also pointed out Israel does “everything that is possible to minimize, to mitigate civilian casualties” in its attacks against Hamas terrorists in Gaza, but that “Hamas is the only one that should be held accountable” for civilian casualties, because they hide among the population in Gaza and put their military capabilities next to schools, hospitals, mosques, and in populated areas.

The ambassador stressed that “if we accept the modus operandi of Hamas, Western civilization societies can never win and destroy terrorist organizations. It will inspire all terrorist organizations across the globe, because that’s the way now they attack our democracies.”