City of Philadelphia falsely claims abortion is a ‘human right’ – LifeSite

PHILADELPHIA (LifeSiteNews) — Abortion is a “human right,” according to the Philadelphia Department of Public Health.

“Philadelphians have access to safe, legal abortion services,” the city health department posted on November 2.

“Abortion is healthcare and access to safe abortion is a human right,” the department declared.

It also listed several claims about the alleged consequences for restricting abortion along with information on how Philadelphians could get assistance in killing their innocent preborn baby in the womb.

The health department continued its use of politicized, not medical language, by saying that “[b]odily autonomy is critical for survivors of abuse, especially if they have experienced reproductive coercion.”

“Abortion may not be the choice all survivors make, but it’s important that it is an option,” the city website stated.

The claims that abortion restrictions will hurt maternal mortality have been widely called into question, with researchers using loaded language to push a pro-abortion agenda. A study on Mexican provinces also found lax abortion laws did not reduce maternal mortality.

“The study found that differences in maternal deaths were not explained by abortion legislation, but by other factors such as literacy rates among women, maternal health care, access to clean water, proper sanitation facilities, fertility rates, and the level of violence against women,” according to the Population Research Institute. “Loosening abortion restrictions did not produce a drop in maternal mortality rates.”

In addition to ignoring the human rights issue of abortion, the direct killing of an innocent human being, the health department also ignored the numerous psychological and physical consequences of abortion, including women dying after an abortion.

A 2023 paper also found that women who had abortions faced more mental health problems.

The comprehensive Charlotte Lozier Institute study analyzed Medicaid claims data for over 4,800 women during a 17-year period in states where all claims for the period were submitted, as previously reported by LifeSiteNews.

Women who killed their first child through abortion compared with women who gave birth to their first child were more likely to be admitted for outpatient and inpatient services.

“The evidence is clear that abortion of a first pregnancy is associated with substantial mental health harms to women. Women have a right to know this and to understand the extent of these harms before they make such a life-changing decision,” co-author Tessa Longbons stated.

Philly is not the only city to use taxpayer resources to promote the killing of innocent babies. New York City recently announced, despite a massive budget deficit, that it would be distributing abortion drugs through its city health system. Chicago has also established an abortion fund to help women travel to the city to kill their babies in the womb.