Trump Proposes Non-Woke Educational Option: ‘American Academy’ – American Faith

Former President Donald Trump presented an alternative to current woke education, the “American Academy.”

“It’s time to offer something dramatically different,” Trump said in a new campaign video.

“Under the plan I’m announcing today, we will take the billions and billions of dollars that we will collect by taxing, fining, and suing excessively large private university endowments, and we will then use that money to endow a new institution called the American Academy.”

Trump explained that the Academy’s mission is to “make a truly world class education available to every American, free of charge, and do it without adding a single dime to the federal debt.”

The Academy will cover the “full spectrum of human knowledge and skills” online.

“This will be a truly top-tier education option for the people,” Trump emphasized. “It will be strictly non-political, there will be no wokeness or jihadism allowed. None of that’s gonna be allowed.”

Trump noted the Academy will “compete directly with the existing and very costly four-year university system by granting students degree credentials that the U.S. government and all federal contractors will henceforth recognize” and will “award the full and complete equivalent of a bachelor’s degree.”

“This will be a revolution in higher education and will provide life-changing opportunities for tens of millions of our citizens,” Trump concluded.