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FRONT ROYAL, Virginia (LifeSiteNews) — A visit to a high school in Central Malawi did not go well for the local Planned Parenthood affiliate, as students rejected the group, refused to allow the presenters to speak, and chased them away from the property. Human Life International shared news of the incident that occurred September 29, 2023, at Natola Secondary School in the Dowa District of Central Malawi.

Father A. Zikomankhani, Executive Director of Human Life International Malawi, explained how Natola Secondary School has regularly welcomed visitors from life-advocating organizations such as Pro-Life Malawi.

“Human Life International has visited Natola and was invited to do so again a few weeks before the students kicked the abortion promoters out of the classroom,” Zikomankhani recounted. “We’ve been teaching them about chastity, along with the dangers of using contraception and the dangers of abortion.”

Members of Family Planning Association of Malawi, a local affiliate of International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), showed up at the school with an agenda that included instruction on how to use condoms and other forms of contraception to avoid pregnancies.

Zikomankhani related what the school’s head teacher witnessed.

“To the surprise of everybody, the students at Natola refused the abortion promoters sent to teach them and chased them away,” Zikomankhani said. “The teacher was sure that it was due to what he called the ‘good pro-life message’ that Human Life International has been sharing with the students.”

In a dramatic underscoring of the students’ opinion of the unwelcome visitors, the youth burned the boxes of condoms and other contraceptives that Family Planning Association of Malawi had brought for distribution at the school.

“It is encouraging to hear that these students are embracing the culture of life,” Zikomankhani remarked. “The Natola teacher told me that since Human Life International first began visiting the school, none of the girls there have gotten pregnant, and that’s a fact he attributes to the pro-life education that Human Life International has been supplying.”

Zikomankhani explained that the reason IPPF representatives came to the Natola school despite the fact that the head teacher and most of the students are pro-life is because Malawi’s health ministry is actively “pushing for free distribution of contraceptives to students in secondary schools.” Zikomankhani stated that this program is being carried out without the consent of the education minister and large swaths of the Malawi population. 

“The good thing is that the students are able to make the right decisions and embrace the culture of life when reached,” Zikomankhani said. “This is why we need more outreaches to secondary school to make sure that students are prepared in case IPPF representatives visit them. Funding has been a challenge for us to do more to make sure this generation is protected,” he added. 

The southeast African Republic of Malawi offers some of the world’s strongest protections for preborn babies, thus is a frequent target of global abortion promoters, including International Planned Parenthood Federation. In recent years, Malawi’s National Assembly has seen repeated attempts to force unrestricted abortion. With 98 percent of Malawians being religious, abortion has been a deeply divisive issue that is expected to raise its ugly head again in upcoming legislative sessions.

Human Life International will be there in those legislative discussions to fight on behalf of life. And the worldwide pro-life authority will continue visiting schools like Natola Secondary School in Malawi to foster a culture of life and warn against the dangers being promoted and deceptions practiced by the global abortion lobby.

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