Brooklyn bishop says he is ‘appalled’ by obscene music video filmed in church, vows investigation – LifeSite

NEW YORK (LifeSiteNews) — After the revelation that a pop singer filmed an obscene music video in the sanctuary of a Catholic church in New York, the parish’s bishop has condemned the scandal and promised to further investigate the incident. 

Sabrina Carpenter, a 24-year-old actress and singer, released a music video this week, part of which was filmed in front of the altar at the Catholic Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Brooklyn, New York.  

The inappropriate decorations on and around the altar as well as the sexual outfit and poses struck by the singer drew criticism from Bishop Robert Brennan of the Diocese of Brooklyn, who expressed that he “is appalled at what was filmed at the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church.” 

“The parish did not follow diocesan policy regarding the filming on Church property, which includes a review of the scenes and script,” he said per a November 2 statement shared with the Catholic News Agency.  

According to the parish, Carpenter’s team “failed to accurately represent the video content” when requesting to film at the church, which opened in 1863. The bishop is reportedly “taking this matter seriously and will be looking into it further.” 

The song – titled “Feather” and originally released as part of Carpenter’s 2022 album “Emails I Can’t Send” – portrays Carpenter after ending a relationship. Beginning with bells tolling, views of the sanctuary, and Carpenter apparently in mourning garb, the video follows the singer walking around New York followed by gawking men. 

After the three men lustfully walking behind her are run down by a tractor trailer, the video shows her at the gym and in an elevator. In each scene, she is scantily dressed and leaves men in the scene dead, including one who dies when she catches his tie in the elevator doors.

As noted by Billboard, the unsettling, bloody video was released on Halloween. Continuing with the gruesome theme, the video ends in the sanctuary of the church, which has been decked with several colorful coffins, supposedly signifying the singer’s artificial mourning of the dead men.  

Dressed in a black dress, which barely covers her torso, Carpenter dances provocatively in front of the altar. The video ends with her leaving the church, driving away in a pink hearse. 

The scandal comes months after another singer filmed a music video in the sanctuary of a Catholic church in Mexico, sparking outrage for his mocking impersonation of priesthood and the Holy Eucharist. 


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