COVID-19 Q&A | Medical expert Dr. Mark Trozzi

On October 13, Dr. Mark Trozzi, a dedicated frontline doctor, courageously debunked the rampant COVID-19 misinformation perpetuated by mainstream media outlets — revealing how this misinformation played a pivotal role in the extensive lockdowns that gripped the Western world in 2020. Dr. Trozzi exposes the global, coordinated efforts aimed at asserting control over commerce, religion, and individual freedoms — all done under the guise of “safety” during the COVID-19 “pandemic.” Engaging in a live Q&A with the audience in Peterborough, Ontario, Dr. Trozzi addressed questions shared by many around the world, resolute in his mission to reveal the truth behind what really happened with COVID-19 and how we can prevent a complete lockdown in the future. COVID-19 has adversely impacted human health and has shaken the balances of power. In the face of looming global tyranny, Dr. Trozzi’s revelations are crucial for understanding the challenges confronting Western society today.

November 2, 2023