‘The Chosen’ Stays in Prime Video’s Top 10 for 90 Days: ‘We’re Blown Away’

The Bible-based series The Chosen soared into the Top 10 this summer on Amazon Prime Video when Season 3 launched and has yet to fall out, staying on the list for an impressive 90-plus days in what one person close to the series is calling “amazing.”

On Monday, The Chosen stood at No. 6 on the list of most popular series on Amazon Prime, leading such titles as No. 7 Jack Ryan, No. 8 The Boys, No. 9 Suits, and No. 10 Harry Wild

It’s no small feat: Amazon Prime Video is the second largest streaming service in the United States, with 200 million customers, and has a larger library of titles than anyone, including Netflix. 

Season 3 launched on Prime Video in July. The series follows the story of Jesus and the disciples. 

Kyle Young, vice president of global distribution, said the Prime data has “just been completely amazing.”

Prime isn’t the only platform where The Chosen has soared. The series launched on The CW in July and immediately turned heads, topping all shows on the network on its first night. It was the No. 1 television series on The CW for the summer, Young said. 

All three seasons are airing on The CW, with episodes airing each Sunday night. 

“We’ve been completely blown away by the size of the audience engagement, the ongoing viewership, and it’s led to a bunch more people being exposed to the show,” Young told Christian Headlines and other media members during a virtual news conference. 

The over-the-air broadcast on The CW, he said, is “bringing in new audiences.

“We’re just seeing that this story resonates with people all over the world and in so many different amazing ways.”

Season 4 of The Chosen launches in theaters in February before it goes to The Chosen app, which is free, and other platforms. 

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