6 Ways to Show Love and Not Legalism on Halloween

Now that you have met new people in your community, don’t go back to old habits. You can build on the relationship and possibly follow up with an act of kindness. Find a time when you could get to know each other a little better. This could be over a cup of coffee or maybe an invitation to watch the game. A good friend of mine, Jonathan Leath, told me this: You win people to yourself first before you win them to Christ. Instead of looking at Halloween as a day of darkness, look at it as a day of beginning the process of winning people to you so you can win them to Christ. This is exactly what Paul did.

I don’t know what Halloween is going to look like for you in your community this year. Imagine how it would be different if you focused on ways to show love and not legalism. Halloween may still be a dark day, but darkness goes away once light shows up. You are that light and it’s time to shine, not just on Halloween, but every day.

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