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For more than three decades, I have stated that not only is antisemitism the world’s longest and most widespread hatred, but it is also the world’s most irrational hatred. The events unfolding since the horrific slaughter of Israeli Jews on October 7 only underscores the madness and irrationality of antisemitism, which often finds even greater focus and intensity when centered on the state of Israel itself.

That’s why, as inconceivable as this is, people from all backgrounds, including both Muslims and non-Muslims, began to voice their support for Hamas before Israel fired its first retaliatory strike. And that’s why, as news of the atrocities emerged, many were quick to blame the victims — yes, the slaughtered and decapitated and raped and tortured and maimed and burned alive — and exonerate the barbaric terrorists.

Is this not madness?

In response to this, I have been posting comments on X (formerly Twitter), seeking to expose this pervasive and irrational hatred of the Jews. And what kind of responses I have received to my posts? They are as ugly and irrational as you could expect, confirming the very point I was making.

It’s like telling someone they have anger problems, only for them to scream and shout and pound the table and put their fist through the wall, exclaiming, “No I don’t!” Got it!

To be clear, I have also been calling for prayer for the people of Gaza, speaking of their great suffering as a result of the war. And I have said many times that valid and balanced criticism of Israel or of Jewish people is not antisemitism. Antisemitism is Jew hatred. It is the demonizing of the people (and/or nation) as a people (and/or nation).

Here’s What I’ve Posted About Israel’s War With Hamas

These were some of my posts:

October 10: Let’s try this one more time. Hamas intentionally targeted civilians. Hamas barbarically, even joyfully, butchered babies, butchered whole families, butchered mothers with children in arms, butchered the elderly, then celebrated their inhuman accomplishments. Israel does its best to avoid civilian casualties, even giving warnings and urging non-combatants to flee, and the nation grieves over the loss of civilian lives, especially children. There is NO moral equivalence.

October 10: Some religious Jewish fanatics spit at Christians celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem, and some Christians use this to “prove” how evil all Israel is. (For the record, the actions of these religious Jews were widely condemned in Israel, both by the government and rabbinic authorities.) Hamas butchers whole families of innocent Israelis, and some Christians say, “Yes, but they were provoked.” Madness!

October 13: There is leftwing antisemitism and rightwing antisemitism, Christian antisemitism and Muslim antisemitism, White supremacist antisemitism and Black supremacist antisemitism, fascist antisemitism and communist antisemitism. Why? Because antisemitism is irrational and demonic.

October 13: We’re told that the whole world is angry with the Jewish people because of “the occupation” of Palestine. But how does this explain the slaughter of the Jews by the Nazis BEFORE “the occupation”? Or the Russian pogroms against Jewish communities 50 years earlier? Or an endless stream of violent acts against the Jewish people over the centuries? No. The roots of antisemitism go much deeper, and “the occupation” is just the latest excuse for hating the Jewish people.

October 13: I just learned from a commenter on our YouTube channel that Israel today is “a spurious regathering for the purpose of a Jesuit counter-reformation.” How did I miss that?

October 14: As I have said countless times over the years, the Jewish people are like everyone else, with good qualities and bad qualities. And at times in our history, we have come under divine judgment and suffered for our sins, with God requiring more of us because we were chosen in a particular way. But antisemitism is demonic in origin and irrational.

October 15: Morality in today’s world. Slitting a baby’s throat because the baby is an Israeli Jew: an act of heroic resistance. Calling a trans-identified person by their original name: an act of violence.

A Sampling of the Antisemitic Responses I’ve Received

What were some of the responses? Here are just a few, quite representative of many others (there were far too many to read, let alone to begin to respond to):

  • Jews hating goyim, Christ and follow the pedophile Talmud, IS TOTALLY RATIONAL AND DEFENSIBLE. CMON MAN your WW2 Spam to commit crimes is over! OVER!
  • You, Michael, are a hypocrite. You have never condemned the Israeli terrorists known as the IDF. What is vile you actively supporting Israel’s ethnic cleansing. Don’t try to play the “anyone who support Palestine is antisemitic” card. Please condemn Israel.
  • Jesus condemns all your kind demon, the covenant with your demonic tribe is over. Christians are Gods only chosen people. you are cursed for the murder of the Lord forever. Shut your mouth demon. You demons are the ones wholesale slaughtering innocent children. You demons stole their land and put them in an open air prison for over 50 years. You are liars, and child murderers. You are as your father, the devil.
  • Look at this fragile K1KE trying to counter every single comment. LOL. Everyone sees who you people are now. The cat’s out of the bag.
  • Here are a few quotes from Martin Luther’s book: “The devil with all his angels has taken possession of this people…” “Whenever you see a genuine Jew, you may with a good conscience cross yourself and bluntly say, ‘There goes a devil incarnate.’” “In their synagogues and in their prayers they wish us every misfortune. They rob us of our money and goods through their usury, and they play on us every wicked trick they can… no one acts thus, except the devil himself, or whomever he possesses, as he has possessed the Jews.” “… they have poisoned wells, made assassinations, kidnapped children…” “Set fire to their synagogues or schools and … bury and cover with dirt whatever will not burn, so that no man will ever again see a stone or cinder of them. This is to be done in honor of our Lord and of Christendom, so that God might see that we are Christians, and do not condone or knowingly tolerate such public lying, cursing or blaspheming of his Son and of his Christians.” You should see the nasty things jews write about Christ and Christians in their filthy Talmud. You should read what the reformer Martin Luther had to say about the jews. Jews are the synagogue of Satan who wrongly claim to be Judaeans. They are not Israel. Israel know Christ as they are His sheep and obey Him. Jews are not Israelites. Israel is a race not a place. Jews are a mixed race of Edomites wrongly absorbed into Judah from when John Hyrcanus forced Edomites to convert.
  • False flag so the Jewish people could move to the Magog territory which is today’s Ukraine. Oh how coincidental that so many lives have been deleted in Ukraine. Ashkenazi Jews are from the same region as today’s Ukraine, oh how coincidental again! Who are the fake Jews the Messiah spoke about in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9?
  • The Ashkenazi Khazar/Jews only have blood and vengeance in their hearts at all times. History provides all details of this.
  • Get over your victimization. If only those who run Israel were Semites to begin with.
  • And you are biased to a criminal and murderous group.
  • The main cause of antisemitism is Jewish behavior.
  • Ha, there are no good Jewish people. Read the Talmud. If you aren’t Jewish, you are cattle, animals, lower than s—. Get over your Doctor cr-p. I am a Colonel, which is a helluva lot harder to achieve. Nobody gives an F about your title.
  • Stop being Anti-Christian? Less evil and immoral behavior? Stop trying to genocide the goy? We all know the Jew supremacy is the greatest threat to everyone. It’s not antisemitic to realize Lucifer’s followers are trying to destroy humanity.
  • F— you motherf—er.

Need I say more?

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