Russell Moore helps kick off Season 6 of “Saved by the City” Podcast

NEW YORK (RNS) — Wilbur Award-winning podcast “Saved by the City” launched its sixth season October 5 with an episode featuring Christianity Today editor in chief and public theologian Russell Moore.

Formerly the head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s ethics and public policy arm, Moore joins the show to discuss why he left the SBC in 2021, how he thinks of his own legacy (and complicity) in that world, and the difficulty of trying to lead a Christian institution when it’s tearing apart at the seams.

With season 6, Saved by the City cohosts Katelyn Beaty and Roxanne Stone continue exploring the contradictions and complications of life as Christian women striving to find joy, love, fellowship and God in the crowded streets of New York City

Throughout the podcast’s history, Beaty and Stone have welcomed an array of distinguished guests, from Beth Moore to Amy Grant, from the Rev. James Martin to the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church (and homilist at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s wedding) Michael Curry. Described by one listener as “the only Christian podcast I can stomach right now,” Saved by the City aims to bring candor, humor and insight to the complexities of living faithfully in today’s world.

This season promises a similarly diverse lineup of guests, including Esau McCaulley, Karen Wright Marsh, Christine Emba and Gloria Purvis, and lively discussions on topics from single motherhood to single issue voting. All of it punctuated with the heart, wit and genuine friendship listeners have come to expect from the cohosts as they share their personal journeys with faith, friendship and romance.

In episode two, out this week, Beaty and Stone take on some perplexingly persistent myths about single women (cat ladies? career women? cold fish?) and why they’ve taken hold in Christian circles.

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About “Saved by the City” Podcast:

Saved by the City is an award-winning podcast that explores the complexities and nuances of metropolitan Christian life. Hosted by Katelyn Beaty, author of “Celebrities for Jesus,” and Roxanne Stone, managing editor at RNS, the show delves into the heart of an evolving Christianity — challenging assumptions and celebrating the remarkable humans who shape our faith communities. With a history of thought-provoking content and numerous accolades, “Saved by the City” continues to be a vital conversation for anyone seeking to integrate faith and life.