Leftist Students Meet That Scary Monster ‘Consequences’ – The Stream

Leftist students at Harvard are learning a lesson in one subject they’ve apparently never encountered: “Consequences.” After taking to the streets to celebrate the horrific terrorist attack on Israeli civilians by Hamas, they’re finding out that, just as Twitter doesn’t reflect real life, so their coddled existence on an Ivy League campus doesn’t reflect the real world, where decent Americans are repulsed by self-righteous supporters of anti-Semitic violence.

Job offers and internships for some of the leaders of this appalling demonstration are being rescinded (as I noted before, why would employers who are now expected to fire people for “microaggressions” hire someone who endorses the murder of Jewish children?) Others who only participated but realized their faces were captured on video are rushing to delete their social media profiles (I’d like to think it’s because they realized how horrible their actions and words were, but it’s more likely because they realized they just killed their career prospects and may never become Disney employees now.)

Well, they can run from their terrorist-supporting anti-Semitism, but they can’t hide. Accuracy in Media hired a truck with big LED screens to drive around the Harvard campus, showing the faces and names of the pro-Hamas demonstrators under the caption, “Harvard’s Biggest Anti-Semites.”

It’s amusing to hear the school officials decrying this by claiming it’s “doxing” students and making them feel “unsafe.” First of all, do you know who really feels unsafe? Israel children facing armed Hamas terrorists. Also, doxing people and making them feel unsafe is precisely what campus leftists have been doing to conservative students and speakers for years. They even physically assaulted swimmer Riley Gaines and held her for ransom just for speaking out against men taking over women’s sports. That story at the link quite appropriately quotes Bruce Willis: “Welcome to the party, pal.”

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