Joel Rosenberg Calls for Prayer, Warns: the World ‘Is Going to Turn Against Israel’

Author and Israeli citizen Joel Rosenberg is urging supporters of Israel to pray for the country and is warning that the world will “turn against” the nation once it goes on the offensive and launches a ground war in Gaza.

Rosenberg, an author, and editor-in-chief of All Israel News and All Arab News, told pastor Greg Laurie in an interview that Hamas’ attack on Israel was the “darkest hour” in the modern era of Israel. More than 1,000 Israelis were killed and 100-plus taken hostage.

The supreme leader of the nation of Iran — a supporter of Hamas — wants to “wipe Israel off the map and kill every Jew that lives here,” Rosenberg said. 

To get to that objective, the supreme leader wants to “lure Israel into a ground war in the Gaza Strip,” Rosenberg said. 

“And the reason is not because the supreme leader right now doesn’t just want to see dead Jews. He wants to see dead Palestinians,” Rosenberg said. “Why would he want to see dead Palestinians? [It’s] because every dead Palestinian will be a television image that will be on MSNBC, CNN, CBS Evening News, the front page of the New York Times, the Washington Post, the LA Times, to turn the script.”

“… The Iranians wanna flip that script to make us look like the monsters of the region when they’re the monsters. Right? So that’s the objective right now, [to] blow up the peace process and make the whole world think that we’re monsters for doing what? Defending ourselves.”

Hamas tortured its victims, he said. 

“They were set on fire while they were alive,” he said. “They were burned in their homes. Mothers were shot while their children watched. Children were shot to death while their mothers watched. The babies were decapitated. … This isn’t just wrong, it’s demonic.”

Although the world currently is sympathetic to Israel, that could change with a ground invasion, Rosenberg said.

“As we start shifting from defense to offense, the United Nations is going to turn against Israel,” he said. “The left-wing members of Congress, they’re going to turn against Israel. The American media, the international media, they’re going to turn against Israel.”

Israel needs prayer, Rosenberg said. 

“We need to be praying for the two million Palestinians who live under the reign of terror of Hamas,” he said. “We have compassion on them. We gotta pray that the leaders of Hamas will convert to Jesus or die. And then we got to pray that this war will be successful, and it’ll be over.”

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Photo Courtesy: ©Getty Images/Amir Levy / Stringer

Video Courtesy: Pastor Greg Laurie via YouTube

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