Every Episode of ‘The Chosen: Season 4’ Will Premier on the Big Screen in 2024

The newest season of the global sensation series The Chosen will be released exclusively in U.S. theaters next year, marking the first time that a streaming series has debuted at the box office prior to landing on its traditional platform.

Every episode of Season 4 will premiere in theaters, beginning Feb. 1 with Episodes 1-3. Two weeks later, on Feb. 15, fans can watch Episodes 4-6, followed by the conclusion on Feb. 29 with Episodes 7-8. 

Although The Chosen debuted the opening and the finale of Season 3 in theaters, this marks the first time it has premiered every episode of a season at the box office. A news release said, “After the full-season run in theaters concludes, The Chosen will announce the debut across streaming platforms, including The Chosen TV and mobile apps, broadcast and cable TV.”

The Bible-based series follows the story of Jesus and the disciples. 

It is believed to be the first time that a streaming series has enjoyed a nationwide debut — for every seasonal episode — in theaters. Fathom Events is distributing it.

Kyle Young, vice president of global distribution, noted that The Chosen “broke a bunch of records” with past theatrical releases. There is, he said, a demand for the series in theaters. 

“It’s going to be very unique,” Young told Christian Headlines and other media outlets in a virtual news conference. “It’s gonna be a fun opportunity for our fans to engage in a new way. … No one has released an entire TV series in theaters.” 

Dallas Jenkins, director and creator of The Chosen, said, “Every time we’ve dipped our toes in the theatrical waters,” fans and viewers “have overwhelmingly told us they want more.”

“After seeing the Season 4 episodes, we knew we’d be doing our fans a disservice if we denied them the chance to see them all on a big screen with others they can laugh and cry with,” Jenkins said.

Meanwhile, this Christmas season will include another holiday-themed title in theaters. Christmas with The Chosen: Holy Night will be in theaters Dec. 12-17, weaving previous episodes of The Messengers and The Shepherd into “one new remastered and re-scored story,” the news release. The film will include a performance from Andrea and Matteo Bocelli, which is part of “seven music performances and two new monologues” in the film.

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Video Courtesy:  The Chosen: Season Season 4 Teaser Trailer via YouTube

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