Netanyahu Vows Israeli Response to Hamas Attack Will ‘Echo for Generations’ – The Stream

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised during a Monday speech that Israel’s response to the Hamas terrorist attack over the weekend will “echo for generations,” according to a live translation of the speech.

Netanyahu made the promise during an address to his nation and the world as Israel appears poised to launch a full-scale invasion of the Gaza Strip. On Saturday, Hamas terrorists murdered hundreds of Israelis, raped women and abducted scores of civilians and soldiers to be held hostage in the Gaza Strip in a surprise attack against Israel.

“This war was forced upon us by a dreaded enemy, animals that kill women, children and old people,” Netanyahu said during his address, according to a translation provided by CNBC. “Hamas is ISIS, and we will beat them, just like the Western world has beaten ISIS. This terrible enemy wanted a war, and it will receive a war.”

“It was a terrible mistake to attack Israel,” Netanyahu continued, according to the translation. “What we will do to our enemy in the next few days will echo for generations.”

Israel has pounded the Gaza Strip with airstrikes in response to the attack, and the Israeli army has mobilized hundreds of thousands of soldiers in what could be the first steps of a full-on ground invasion to wipe out Hamas, the terrorist group which governs the territory, according to The New York Times.

Hamas has threatened that it will begin to execute hostages live on television if Israel continues to target structures in the Gaza Strip without providing advanced warning. So far, Israeli authorities have counted at least 900 deaths from the Hamas attack, as well as more than 2,300 injuries, according to ABC News.

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