‘I Love America’: Singer Danny Gokey Praises Boldness, Says Don’t ‘Win People Over By Compromising Values’

“I love America.”

Christian singer Danny Gokey’s patriotic message is clear. The musician, who told CBN Digital he has a “passion” for the U.S., released an EP this summer titled “Brave” — a collection of songs celebrating America, including his own rendition of Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.”

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“It is OK to love your country,” Gokey said. “As a matter of fact, you probably should love your country. Otherwise, your country won’t be very strong if the people don’t love it.”

The singer lamented the fact there are “so many voices in our culture trying to tell us how to think about our country” and said it can be “demoralizing” when considering the negative voices in the mix.

Thus, Gokey decided to write songs to “celebrate” America.

“There’s never been a country like us — and probably will never be like a country like us,” he said. “So, I wanted to just point people to the hope of our country, to the bravery of our country, to the goodness of the land.”

The singer said God called him to pursue the project, explaining why he never shies away from such promptings and sometimes speaks up even on contentious subject matter.

“Jesus never avoided controversy,” Gokey said. “We’re not supposed to win people over by compromising our values.”

And in an era when people try to bend and re-mold truth, the singer offered a powerful reminder: God never changes. While some views might suddenly be “offensive under the new rules and under the new truths of our culture,” he said the Lord’s standards remain consistent.

“What has changed is people’s perception of what truth is,” he said.

Watch Gokey share his patriotic and faithful message:

Gokey, who rose to fame after appearing on season three of “American Idol,” has since consistently been a hit-maker in Christian music. His story of overcoming the odds and pushing on after losing his wife, Sophia, just weeks before he auditioned for “American Idol,” has inspired millions.

“I didn’t wanna go through loss … but little did I know that God would use that,” Gokey said. “I had to make a decision to trust God and not give up on my faith.”

He said this journey led him to hope and eventual success as he trusted in the Lord along the way.

“There’s such power in understanding that our decisions and our reactions affect everything we do,” he said. “There’s such power in choice. Even when things go bad, I have a choice how I react, and how I react can actually … spring me higher or take me lower.”

Listen to Gokey’s new EP, “Brave,” here.