Take Ownership of This and Receive a Greater Reward in Heaven

Evangelist Kevin Zadai says that Satan was once the epitome of holiness, and that no one understands holiness more than the devil himself.

That is why, he says, Satan fights every day to keep believers from living a consecrated life of holiness, a life that sets them apart for God and apart from the evilness of this world. He wants to keep believers from the holy fire that will empower them to overthrow him and his demons.

“He fights God, he fights the saints in this whole thing about holiness,” Zadai says. “It’s because he knows what power there is in setting yourself apart for God, so he fights people not to be separate and to not live a holy life.”

Zadai, who died on a hospital operating table during surgery in 1992 and went to heaven, came face to face with his Savior, Jesus Christ. While he was once in heaven, the Lord showed Zadai “the purity of what is heaven that is supposed to be on earth” among His children. It’s something that Zadai said he couldn’t begin to comprehend before he saw heaven.

In his transformative encounter, Jesus revealed many life-changing truths, then sent him back to earth to share his experience with every believer.

“Holiness is not behavior. Holiness is ownership,” Zadai says. “God put a lot into Helel (Satan) and he was a trophy for God. You have to realize that behavior comes because of ownership. So, because God is good and He has invested so much in us as His children, the goodness of God leads us into this repentance.

“It’s not the fear of punishment or the fear of hell, which is a negative way to get people to repent. Paul said it is the goodness of God that leads to repentance. We’ve got to try to stop trying to behave and trying to be good because we’re not good. Only God is good. Only God can do His part. Our part is to receive His goodness that leads to repentance.

“So what we should do is to resolve that we’re going to submit to God and we’re going to resist the devil and he is going to flee from us. Satan does not want to deal with a body of Christ that understands holiness. He does not want anything to do with holy fire.”

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In Ezekiel 28, Zadai says, the fire consumed the devil from within because he was corrupt. It was his demise.

In these end days, Zadai says, God’s Holy Fire is going to “become prevalent in meetings all over the world.” And, it’s not jus going to be among Christian or just in the church.”

Zadai says God’s holy fire is going to manifest everywhere and it’s going to cause separation.

“It’s going to cause miracles, but it’s going to cause judgment as well,” Zadai says. “This is God’s plan that he gave to Paul. It’s about what Paul was shown when he was caught up with the Lord—the plan for the church. That glorious mystery that was hidden in times past has now been revealed. Through the church, God is revealing His manifold wisdom to all the world and we’re going to see the judgment. We are literally going to see dethroning of these principalities and powers of the air.”

Zadai says walking in holiness with holy fire while you are on this earth will empower you to overthrow Satan and his demons. But, he says, there will be extra benefits in heaven for those who walk in that holiness and separated themselves from the world.

“God told me He will reward those who are obedient and walk in the fear of the Lord,” Zadai says. “He said I have to provide something extra for those who made the sacrifice and did certain things on the earth. They didn’t allow themselves to fulfill the lusts of the flesh. Their reward will be greater. So, when you walk in the Spirit of holiness here on earth and you deny yourself those kinds of things, they will be marked down and you will have greater access in heaven.”

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