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(LifeSiteNews) — On this week’s episode of The Bishop Strickland Show, Bishop Joseph Strickland discusses the second of his pastoral letters, in which he discusses how the Catholic Church is the one true Church of Christ and how Christ is the only way to salvation.

Bp. Strickland began by discussing the motivation behind writing the second letter, released on September 5, saying that it follows his thought from his first pastoral letter on the identity of Christ. According to Strickland, and indeed the Catholic Church, Christ is the eternal Savior of the world, and He established one Church, the Catholic Church. 

“If you believe in Him, then you believe in the Church that He established, and that’s the Catholic Church,” he declared, adding that such a thesis is based in Scripture and history. “If Jesus Christ is who we says He is, He can’t lie, He doesn’t make mistakes, He’s not playing games, and when He says, ‘I establish this Church (cf. Mt. 16:18),’ we have to believe it.” 

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His Excellency commented on the letter further, stating that Christ established the Church to make Himself present in all the world in every age, since as man He was limited in time and space, and that the Church is “carrying on the mission of Jesus Christ.” 

“[The Church] is the Mystical Body of Christ,” he continued, stating that the mission of Christ is the salvation of humanity 

Strickland shifted the conversation slightly to focus on the Person of Christ Himself before returning to the discussion of the Church, emphasizing that salvation comes from Christ alone.

“He is the unique Savior of the world,” he said, explaining that this truth is important to recall, as there are some who would like to say that salvation can be found outside of Christ.

“That’s denying Christianity,” Strickland declared. “That’s denying the heart of the Church… To line up Christ equally with other saviors, other masters of religion, is simply not the Christian message.” 

Later in the episode, Strickland said that the Church appeared to be going through a Passion, much like Her Divine Founder. 

“She’s gone through rough periods before, but this, frankly, I think we can say, this is one of the roughest, because there’s so much confusion, and so much confusion at the very top of the Church, with, literally, cardinals against cardinals and bishops against bishops,” Strickland lamented.

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