Aliens, the Media and the Economy: Only This Weapon Can Counter End-Times Deception

The Bible warns us many times about end-times deception. Matthew 24:24; 1 Timothy 4:1, 2 Timothy 4:3-4; and 2 Thessalonians 2:3 are prime examples of what God wants us to know to avoid Satan’s lies as we approach the rapture and the Second Coming of Christ.

In a panel discussion with Daystar’s Joni Lamb, Pastor Kynan Bridges, author and international speaker Lance Wallnau and Christian psychologist Doug Weiss expose an end times plot by the enemy to trick believers and non-believers alike to follow false prophets and cling to the gospel according to the world. Artificial intelligence, aliens, another pandemic, the media and false end times prophecy are only a few of the ways the devil can lead people astray.

Bridges, pastor at Grace & Peace Global Fellowship in Atlanta, told the panel he recently meditated the well-known scripture of Isaiah 5:20 which reads, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil; who exchange darkness for light, and light for darkness; who exchange bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

“These are the days we are living in, where there’s deception, and the only way to counter deception is through discernment,” Bridges says. “When my kids were younger, I took a clear bowl of sugar and a clear bowl of salt and I said ‘tell me which one is which.’ They said, ‘Daddy, we can’t.’ I said to look a little closer and I challenged them.

“I said these are the days we’re coming into where it’s going to be difficult to tell what is what, and that’s why the church has to sharpen her discernment. We really do that by what we ingest, by what we’re feeding ourselves with. We have to feed on the Word of God. We have to have a strong prayer life. We have to get in the secret place with God so that we’re not susceptible to this deception.”

Wallnau whole-heartedly agreed.

“Paul says that it’s going to only be the love of the truth that will protect us from strong delusions,” Wallnau says. “What that also implies is we’re capable of falling into a trap. Look for the evidence that backs up what you already believe.”

The panel delved into many topics including:

The Media and the Economy

The founder of Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado, Weiss says the left-leaning media’s ability to control the flow of information in America has contributed to the great deception and spell many Americans have fallen into.

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“The left side has been dominating and controlling the media up until very recently,” Weiss says. “They still believe that they can control the narrative. They still believe they can throw any spin out there and everyone’s going to buy it even though their ratings are the lowest that they’ve ever been.”

“The nice thing is the reality of what you sow you reap, and reality does show up,” Wallau says. Right at the worst time possible while Joe Biden’s press secretary is defending the fact that this is the best economy … they had to come out with a report that we’ve doubled the deficit from $1 trillion a year to $2 trillion a year. When they numbers come out, how do you explain that? … They are now stuck with their rhetoric that we have a better economy. That’s why it’s good to have the facts.”


A huge topic that has the entire nation buzzing is that of UFOs and aliens. Congressional hearings have been held and whistleblowers have come forth. But what are Christians to believe about this?

“You’re seeing the acceleration of the manifestation of aggressive darkness—proselytizing,” Wallnau says. “It’s almost as if we’ve entered an era where the world is going into that Isaiah moment where darkness shall cover the earth, but upon you my light will come. “The division between light and dark is getting clearer and clearer.

“Where the aliens come in is the fact that since Satan is coming down in such force to try to control the currency, digital currency, information, Brics nations are trying to reorganize the global economy—all of this end time stuff. Thank God it’s already written or we’d be nervous. Jesus said see that you not be troubled, these things are going to happen. But He also said this gospel shall be preached in all the world.

“So you start looking at these alien crafts that defy all laws of motor ability. How do they move like that? They’re trying to look at this as a three-dimensional phenomena that’s coming from a different dimension. What’s happening in the spirt realm is now breaking in to the natural realm and the natural realm is observing it and trying to apply natural logic and engineering. They’re saying who has a craft that can move at angles and speed like that? You’re not looking necessarily at something that’s in this dimension. So, you’re having the preparation of a narrative which is that there is other life and other life forms and intelligence outside of us, and one can only imagine easily how that will play in an evil agenda.”

The End-Times Harvest in a Short Time

Bridges says the end-times harvest is well under way, and that it is giving everyone—including Christians—time to repent of their sins and turn to God. It is a time, he says, for the church to emerge.

“We have a short window of time where the Lord is saying, it’s time to recalibrate,” Bridges says. “It’s time to be serious. It’s time to repent, and it’s time to be the church. We actually have a grace, but we all also have a responsibility to step up like never before. … We are on the brink of the greatest revival we have ever seen in human history and God is commissioning you. He’s calling you on the field of spiritual battle, but He’s also calling you into His house to Himself.

“We look at what’s going on with the political agenda, and it’s all happening at the silence and the apathy of the church. But I’m excited. God is on the move. The devil can’t stop what God is doing. There is a remnant rising up. A hunger for God and they are radical. They are on fire.”

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Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.

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