House Judiciary Committee Subpoenas FBI Agent Over Contested Hunter Biden Laptop Testimony – American Faith

The House Judiciary Committee has issued a subpoena for FBI agent Elvis Chan.

This move comes after reports that the Department of Justice (DOJ) had previously prevented him from testifying about the FBI’s actions regarding the Hunter Biden laptop controversy.

Despite Chan’s readiness to testify with his personal lawyer, complications arose when the DOJ introduced agency counsel to the proceedings, according to an exclusive report from The Daily Caller.

According to committee regulations, a witness cannot be represented by both personal and agency counsels simultaneously.

The decision to bring in agency counsel reportedly halted the proceedings. “Today, after an FBI employee traveled across the country to voluntarily participate in a scheduled interview, he was denied the right to have his chosen legal counsel accompany him,” said the FBI in a statement, shedding light on the situation. “Upon arrival at the Capitol, Committee staff directed agency counsel to leave the premises, and the interview was unable to proceed.”

Internal Facebook documents unveiled by Republican Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee, point to inconsistencies in Chan’s previous testimony.

“Internal FB docs reveal that an FBI Special Agent made false statements in testimony about the FBI’s role in the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story,” Jordan highlighted on social media.

Historical records reveal that Chan acted as the liaison between the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force (FITF) and various social media giants leading up to the 2020 presidential elections.

Laura Dehmlow, the FITF Section Chief, confirmed in her July testimony that she and Chan met with Facebook representatives on the same day the New York Post published the Hunter Biden laptop story.

While multiple prominent news organizations, including The New York Times and The Washington Post, have since verified the contents of the laptop, the FBI remained non-committal in their comments to Facebook at the time.

Contrary to his claims, evidence presented by Jordan indicates that Chan had an additional interaction with Facebook a day after their initial meeting.

Elvis Chan is expected to give his deposition on September 21, 2023, as part of the House Judiciary Committee’s larger investigation into potential collaboration between the executive branch and social media platforms to curb free speech.