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Happy Thursday!

Are you ready for some football? The NFL season kicks off tonight with the Detroit Lions taking on the powerful Kansas City Chiefs. 

And we start with some breaking news from the gridiron.

Coach Joe Kennedy Resigns After First Game Back, and First Prayer on the Field Since SCOTUS Victory

Friday night saw the joyful return to the football field of Coach Joe Kennedy. Coach Kennedy famously fought for his right to pray on the field after games all the way up to the Supreme Court … and won. Won a huge victory for religious liberty. And after eight years, he was back at Bremerton High as an assistant coach, and after Friday’s game he took a knee in prayer … as the crowd cheered.

However, news broke Wednesday that Kennedy has submitted his resignation to Bremerton. Said Kennedy in his resignation letter, according to the Seattle Times:

It is apparent that the reinstatement ordered by the Supreme Court will not be fully followed after a series of actions meant to diminish my role and single me out in what I can only believe is retaliation by the school district.

He did not elaborate. The Times reports Kennedy said he will be returning to Florida, where he has lived the past seven years, because of “newly learned complications related to a family member’s declining health.”

Hunter Pending Indictment and the Unexploded Bombshells in Biden Burisma Bribery Story

In a court filing Wednesday, Special Counsel David Weiss revealed that an indictment of Hunter Biden will happen by September 29, 2023.  It’ll focus on the gun charge. (In other words, not any charges that could bring Joe Biden into the picture.)

The news comes right on the heels of two bombshell stories that not only solidify Joe Biden’s direct involvement in the Burisma bribery scandal, but show the lengths the DOJ and elements in the FBI went to protect him.

Yet don’t expect to see any media play on them.

On Wednesday, House Oversight Chairman James Comer in a letter to the National Archives revealed emails showing that then-Vice President Joe Biden signed off on language a Biden business associate suggested the White House use to ward off questions about Burisma. Put simply, Biden and the White House colluded with Hunter’s business associates on messaging about the energy giant that was pumping millions into the Biden family coffers.

Comer noted the timing of the emails. December 4, 2015. The exact day Burisma execs met with Hunter Biden and partner Devon Archer, pressuring them to call “D.C.” — namely, the V.P., the Big Guy — to get Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin off their back. A call Hunter then made.

Comer wants the unredacted files on Biden family foreign business dealings from the National Archives (NARA) — the same NARA that sprinted to the White House and DOJ to gin up those document charges against Trump — has been slow-walking documents to House Oversight concerning Biden … and his assorted aliases.

FBI/DOJ Didn’t Give Weiss and IRS Investigators Damning Document … Fed Them BS NYT Story Instead

On Tuesday (with follow-up Wednesday), The Federalist broke the stunning story of how the District Attorney — now Special Counsel — David Weiss was played by DOJ/FBI when it came to the bribery allegations against Joe Biden.

Weiss and the IRS investigators were not given the FBI FD-1023 where a confidential source close to Burisma detailed Burisma’s $10 million in bribes to the Bidens. They were certainly not told that the Pittsburgh FBI office had already confirmed much of the source’s story. Instead, Weiss was fed a New York Times article (crafted with the help of FBI/DOJ sources) that falsely claimed the corruption allegations against Biden were disinformation created by Rudy Giuliani. That it was a political hit. Not legit.

On Wednesday, The Federalist followed up with “Biden Breadcrumbs Leave Only One Possible Conclusion: Deep-State Partisans Buried the Evidence.”

Biden being corrupt is one thing. He isn’t the first, nor will he be the last politician who was on the take. (Yeah, okay, allegedly.) What remains vexing is the question, “Why would DOJ and FBI protect Joe and Hunter Biden? Why would they hide that credible FBI information’s allegations from investigators … especially when the Pittsburgh field office had already started verifying info in the confidential source memo?”

Sen. Chuck Grassley may provide a hint. In a July letter to Weiss he wrote:

[O]n October 23, 2020, Justice Department and FBI Special Agents from the Pittsburgh Field Office briefed Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf, one of your top prosecutors, and FBI Special Agents from the Baltimore Field Office with respect to the contents of the FBI-generated FD-1023 alleging a criminal bribery scheme involving then-Vice President Biden and Hunter Biden.

Note the date. That’s less than two weeks before the 2020 election. An election where Biden was insisting he had nothing to do with his son’s dealings and the allegations on the Hunter laptop were Russian disinformation.

Wolf, we learned from IRS whistleblowers, was the one who shot down efforts by the IRS to look into “The Big Guy.” So we know her angle. If Wolf had told Weiss, and the IRS investigators and agents working on the case in Delaware, “We’ve got a detailed allegation from a confidential source about $10 million in bribes from Burisma,” two weeks out from an election, she would be taking a chance the story gets leaked.  Biden loses. Orange Man Bad wins re-election.

As we know, the Biden investigation was stonewalled, undercut and obstructed. In fact, Rep. Comer just subpoenaed DHS, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and the Secret Service to learn the details of how Hunter Biden and the Biden campaign were given a heads-up about IRS plans to launch a surprise interview. Thanks to the tip-off, the interview did not happen. We know an unprecedented and insane plea deal was worked out that would have let Hunter walk and give him immunity from future prosecution. That deal fell apart when he judge took one look at its terms.

So now, Hunter faces another indictment this month. But will it be the real deal or more games from the Feds?

Speaking of Washington games … 

Joy in the Nation’s Capital

I can tell you there’s a buzz in Washington over the start of the new NFL season this weekend. Not that the Commanders are expected to be among the league’s elite. The atmosphere is sparkling with joy that former owner and franchise wrecker Dan Snyder is finally out of the picture and the team can dream of brighter days. Growing up a Redskins fan, nobody was held in more contempt than the Dallas Cowboys. Well, the Cowboys were beloved compared to Dan Snyder.

Remember the Munchkins when they learned the Wicked Witch was dead? That was Commanders/Redskins fans this spring.

So yeah, the Commanders have an untested quarterback, a coach who can’t seem to get a team above 500, and 20 years of bad decisions and memories to shed, but for the first time in a long while, the sun is shining on Washington football.

And that’s a good thing for the country. That team is the single thing with a proven history of uniting Democrats, Republicans, blacks and whites, the poor and well-off in the Nation’s Capital. It won’t be much in these vicious, divided times, especially in the face of those who work overtime to create friction and division. But it’s a start.

Fight on, fight on, sons (and daughters) of Washington. ‘Til you have won.

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