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(LifeSiteNews) — As American schools dive into another academic year, a prominent child psychiatrist fighting radical gender ideology has warned parents about the importance of this issue and provided steps they can take to protect their children from this dangerous ideology. 

During a recent interview with Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Miriam Grossman, a psychiatrist who works with gender-confused minors and persistently calls out the scandal of so-called “gender transitions,” told parents that many kids she sees in her practice “first hear [about] the idea of being ‘transgender’ [and] born in the wrong body… in school.” 

Grossman pointed out that she “hopes” most school employees are “wonderful people” who want the best for their students, but also urged the public to understand that “there are also activists” who are trying “to introduce this idea” of transgenderism to kids as young as preschool. 

Advice for parents

After refuting the claims made by LGBT activists that gender ideology is rooted in science, Grossman said that she is “warning parents” ahead of the school year that “it is not kindness to promote a false belief that a child has” and that “sex is determined at the moment of conception.” 

First, she encouraged parents to read “at least” the chapter of her book which discusses gender ideology in schools. The book, titled “Lost in Trans Nation,” was published last month and provides details on the reality of the “transgender” movement, including scientific evidence to refute the ideological claims, and advice for parents to protect their children. 

“It will take you an hour, under an hour,” she explained, adding that she promotes her work not for profit but because “I want you to have the information, I want you to understand what’s going on, potentially in your child’s school.” 

Grossman further argued that kids may become victims of this ideology anywhere in the country, as “it’s happening in red states” as well as blue. However, she added, “there is a lot that parents can do” to combat the overwhelming challenges. 

Secondly, Grossman directed parents to a form which they can fill out “to put your school on notice.” The document is freely accessible on her website. 

“It’s a form written by attorneys who are specialists in parental rights,” she explained. “This form essentially says you do not give your consent for any of this. You do not want your child exposed to gender ideology in any classroom, any material, any presentations, any clubs, whatever.” 

“You do not give permission for your child to be learning this material. You certainly don’t give permission for use of any different names or pronouns or clothing. And you sign that form, you bring it to your principal, and you tell the principal that you want this form placed in your child’s permanent folder. You are putting the school on notice. I want every parent listening to this to do that. Please.” 

Lastly, Grossman said that she “want[s] parents to start early on” to arm their children with the understanding of the truth that will protect them from falling into radical gender ideology.  

“I want parents, when their kids are still little, to be saying things to them like, no, you’re a girl. You were a girl from the very first moment that you existed, the very first moment of your life, you were a girl. And that’s a wonderful thing.” 

She added that such conversations can include discussion of how not every girl is the same, depending on her unique personality, but that regardless of individual character traits, their daughter “will always be a girl.” 

Emphasizing this truth early on will help children to notice “red flags,” such as the term “sex assigned at birth,” as something they already know to be illogical. They will “be armed” to go to school and “be able to recognize, from an early age, some of these ideas.” 

When asked how parents can engage with their kids during the school year to gauge if they are being exposed to gender ideology, Grossman said they can “ask about what sorts of books were read,” especially with younger children whose teachers will read aloud to them.  

“You want to be on top of the material that your kid is reading,” she continued. “I would say that, before the school year starts, you go in there and you ask what’s on the reading list, especially for middle school [and] high school.”  

She also suggested that parents “look through the sections of the library that might contain some of this objectionable material.” 

Refuting the claims of gender ideology

“This is impossible,” Grossman said, prefacing her advice on how to avoid gender ideology with facts refuting its claims. “There’s no science behind this and yet kids are being taught these things as if they’re certainties.” 

Activist employees within school systems, Grossman added, simply say that “this happens, and it could have happened to you.” She also emphasized that the ideology is “not just [being taught in] public schools” and that part of the indoctrination includes the lie that if a child is “born in the wrong body,” there’s “only one solution,” which is to “change your body.” 

“I’m seeing these kids, day in and day out. They are very troubled, they have underlying psychiatric disorders, most times. They have a history of trauma or eating disorders or maybe they’re on the autism spectrum—all sorts of issues.” 

Grossman explained that she is constantly approached by families “who are fighting the schools,” which are “undermining the constitutional rights of parents to direct the education of their children.” 

“When you ‘affirm’ the new identity you are denying the biology,” she said. “You’re denying the physical reality of the child. Adults are supposed to represent reality, are they not?” 

The medical intervention alluded to by Grossman throughout the interview includes the use of puberty blocking drugs, cross-sex hormones and surgeries to remove or alter genitalia and sexual organs. Such interventions have been proven to cause infertility, impaired bone growth, suicidality, serious cardiac problems and prevailing mental health issues.  

More information about Dr. Miriam Grossman and her advocacy for protecting children and parental rights can be found on her website


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