How Can Christian Culture Be Dangerous for Us?

Christian culture has been popular for many decades, and it has only been growing in acceptance over the years. Christian culture may sound perfectly fine at first, but it is not okay. It combines twisting the truth of the Bible to conform to a person’s own wants and desires.

Rather than following the commands of the Bible and the teachings of Jesus, cultural Christians follow many misleading concepts and legalistic ideologies.

It is important for us as believers to be aware of Cultural Christianity, understand how it is dangerous, and repent of it if we find ourselves stuck in this cycle.

Christian Culture

Christian culture undermines Christianity and God. Those who adhere to Christian culture are not following the teachings of the Bible, such as loving others, carrying out the Great Commission, and not passing judgment on others.

If you have been around Christian culture, you have seen how dangerous and hurtful it can be. Christian culture takes away the truth of real Christianity and the powerful Word of the Lord.

Since I didn’t grow up in church and I didn’t know Jesus until I was a teenager, I was not indoctrinated into the false views of Christian culture. Many individuals who grow up in Christian culture might not even be aware of how they are not truly following Christ.

While many people can be true Christians and are saved by Christ within Christian culture, many are not and teach false views to others. Even if there are true Christians involved in Christian culture, they might not be the best example of Christ to the lost world.

Many churches I have visited over the years have been part of Christian culture. If you think about it, maybe you have also visited or attended many churches that partook in Christian culture.

Those who adhere to Christian culture are those who look at you negatively as soon as you enter the church, and you automatically feel unwelcomed. For lack of better terms, these individuals see themselves as elite and better than others.

This is a major problem in Christian culture because nowhere does God tell His followers to act like they are better than others. In fact, Jesus says the greatest of people are the servants (Matthew 23:11).

Cultural Christians come across as being snobby, judgmental, and legalistic. Rather than being kind, caring, and welcoming, they act in the exact opposite way. While I cannot judge a person’s salvation, true Christians wouldn’t act this way.

It is true that they might not have been discipled or they have turned cold to the Holy Spirit; however, true Christians wouldn’t be rude, hurtful, or put others down. True Christians want to build each other up, and they truly care about their fellow believers.

False Beliefs Within Christian Culture

As mentioned, a major false belief within Christian culture is that cultural Christians think they are better than others or see themselves as the elite.

Sadly, there are many white, upper-class, cultural Christians in the world today, and this will make many people who are part of different ethnicities and different socioeconomic classes feel as though they don’t belong in the family of God.

I have come across too many churches and individual Christian groups who act this way, and they are not bringing glory to God.

Christianity is for all people. A person doesn’t have to be a certain ethnicity, or socioeconomic background, or look a certain way in order to belong to the family of God. If a church or person believes you have to be a certain way in order to be a Christian, then they are uneducated on true Christianity.

As an example, in my own hometown, there are multiple churches that align with Christian culture, and they place standards on attendees to be a certain way in order to come to their church.

At one, you have to be white, rich, and elitist in order to be accepted, and at another, you have to be a hipster, wearing all the latest styles to be accepted.

If you know me or have read my articles, I don’t meet either of these criteria. Think about how dangerous it would be to a person’s salvation if they believed that since they didn’t fit either of these church criteria — that they couldn’t have a place in the family of God.

This is why it is important for Christians to abandon Christian culture and return to the Lord. It might even cause many people to truly find Jesus when they abandon the cultural norms surrounding Christian culture.

Leaving Christian culture will be a freeing experience and you will finally be able to start walking with the Lord in your life.

Christian Culture and an Obsession with Marriage

Another aspect of Christian culture that needs to be talked about is the obsession with marriage. As someone who went to a Bible school that was deemed a “Bridal College,” I am all too familiar with the obsession with marriage within the Christian culture.

The amount of young Christian individuals who are getting married in life can be seen as a good thing; however, it can also be seen as a negative thing.

Marriage is a beautiful thing, and I’m not downplaying this, yet it is important to understand that marriage needs to be done for the right reasons and does not need to be idolized.

Once again, marriage is a beautiful thing; however, it has become an idol for many individuals within Christian culture. Rather than seeking out service to God, they seek out marriage and a spouse. An idol is anything you place above God, and this can be your spouse.

It is important for those within Christian culture to be aware that they don’t need to build their entire lives upon marriage. For women in Christian culture, your entire existence is not based on if you get married and have children. If you never do these things, you are not a failure.

In fact, the Apostle Paul says it is better to be single than to be married (1 Corinthians 7:38). Therefore, there is nothing wrong with staying single and never having children. You are enough as you are, and God loves you as you are right now.

Christian culture will try to make you feel negative about singleness, but it is actually a gift. For those who are looking to get married, know that it is okay too, but don’t spend your life obsessing over it.

Marriage is only temporary and won’t last for eternity; however, your relationship with Christ will last forever. Christian culture fails to see this and causes women and men to believe in order to serve Christ fully, they have to be married.

This is of course untrue because you can serve Christ as a single person. Anyone who believes in Jesus can serve the Lord and make great strides for His Kingdom.

If you have discovered you are a part of Christian culture, you can take the proper steps today to remove yourself from this legalistic ideology.

It might mean separating yourself from people you have known for a long time; however, in the long run, it will help you truly know the Lord and fulfill the purpose He has for your life.

You are capable of great things through the work of the Lord, and this doesn’t include Christian culture.

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