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The Biden Chronicles

Joe Biden has had a busy couple days. We’ve got House Oversight releasing reams of Biden family bank records showing $20 million in payments to Hunter Biden from foreign oligarchs, many of whom — oddly enough — also seem to have dined with Joe Biden while he was Vice President.

We have Joe saying it’s a “lousy question” to even ask about the rising pile of evidence of Biden Family influence peddling. And we’ve got his green energy-defeating, mystifying decision to undercut America’s uranium mining production.

We’ve got House Oversight Chairman James Comer saying Thursday that he is going to subpoena the Biden Family, including the president. So The Big Guy may be having to answer a lot of “lousy” questions.

Then there’s the whole brushing a bug off the chest of a female interviewer from The Weather Channel.

Check out the details in our “’Lousy’ Questions About Biden Family Influence Peddling and the Curious Targeting of Uranium.”

Rep. Matt Gaetz to Introduce Bill That Will Codify the Right of Students and Teachers to Pray in School

Rep. Matt Gaetz announced he’s introducing a bill today that will codify the right of students and faculty to openly pray in school “without fear of repercussion.” It’s called The National Prayer in School Act.

Said Gaetz in a statement:

God’s reach does not stop at the schoolhouse gates. Our country’s education policy forbids students and faculty from praying while endlessly promoting degenerate LGBT and anti-White propaganda. My legislation unlocks religious freedom once again so that in every classroom in America, there will be time for students to pray if they choose.

The legislation builds on last year’s monumental Supreme Court victory by Coach Joe Kennedy. SCOTUS ruled that Kennedy’s aftergame prayers on the 50-yard line were protected by both the Free Exercise and Free Speech protections of the First Amendment. As First Liberty explained at the time, “The school district could no longer single out religious expression for uniquely disfavored treatment.” Put more simply, “Coach Kennedy has a constitutional right to pray.”

Ramaswamy Overtakes DeSantis in National Poll, as Nikki Haley Signs GOP Debate Pledge to Support the Nominee Who’ll Be Running Against … President Harris?

Congratulations to GOP candidate and entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy. A new national survey of GOP primary voters by Cygnal indicates Ramaswamy has overtaken Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to move into second place in the GOP race behind Trump. While Trump has 53% support, Ramaswamy has risen to 11%, and DeSantis has dropped to 10%. DeSantis was polling at 29% in March. In a further sign of his campaign struggles, DeSantis replaced his campaign manager earlier in the week.

That DeSantis is not having an easy go of it is no surprise. At least to Stream readers. We called it in May. America needs a leader who can take a punch. Will DeSantis get up and come back strong? Or will he stay on the canvas?

We knew Kamala Harris wasn’t presidential timber when Tulsi Gabbard laid her out during a debate and Harris couldn’t get back up, even made matters worse with her after debate comments. Her campaign was done.

Speaking of Kamala, a big fuss is being made over Donald Trump’s refusing to sign the RNC’s “Beat Biden Pledge” to support the eventual nominee. Signing the pledge is a requirement to participate in an RNC-sponsored debate But catch how Nikki Haley signed the pledge. She crossed out President Biden and put “President Harris.” Harris has been making the point during her campaign that a vote for Biden is really a vote for a President Kamala Harris.

While we’re talking politics, our John Zmirak had a fascinating conversation with author and Blaze host Steve Deace called “Trump vs. DeSantis: Does That Battle Need to Be a War?”

Disney Determined to Kill a Century of Good Will and Success. Teams With “Gender Fluid” Dude Who Teaches How to Dress Like Minnie Mouse

You know those old tales that Walt Disney was cryogenically frozen? What if it’s true? And what if they thawed him out tomorrow — revived him? Then showed him Disney as it is now? What a horror. He’d have been happier to stay a popsicle.

The latest? Disney has teamed up with a “gender fluid” influencer for a clothing ad that shows his followers on TikTok how to doll themselves up like Minnie Mouse. Seann Altman uses he/him pronouns but dresses like a girl.

“I literally look like Minnie Mouse, and I fit in perfectly with Mickey and his friends,” Altman said in the video. “The bow, with the dress, and the shoes really sealed the deal. Now I’m fashionable, bold, and fun, just like Minnie Mouse!”

“Minnie is Me!” he declares.

This isn’t just some dude playing dress up. As New York Post reports, “The post includes a paid partnership with Disney Style, who shared the video to its own TikTok account with the caption, ‘a minnie moment’ with the ‘heart hands’ emoji.” Disney is paying him. And this isn’t a one-off, says the NY Post. A few months back, Disney used a biological male dressed as “Fairy Godmother’s Apprentice” to sell dresses to kids at Disneyland’s Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

The partnership is leading to further calls to boycott Disney.

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