From Street Preachers to Celebrities, God’s Love Will Not ‘Stay Silent’

At only 19, Marcus Schroeder has become a symbol of standing strong and showing that God’s love cannot stay silent on crucial cultural issues—a commodity rarely seen in today’s youth. He’s joining the fray with other street preachers who are not afraid to confront the enemy head-on.

With kingdom determination, Schroeder stood firm in his Christian faith and is a beacon of unwavering belief in the face of adversity.

In late July, Schroeder showed up at “Pride in the Park” in Watertown, Wisconsin, an event celebrated by the LGBTQ community. With Bible in hand, he felt led to preach to the participants at the event, knowing his appearance there wouldn’t be popular. He peacefully read Scripture until police arrested him for his actions.

One of four protesters who were taken into custody by police, Schroeder’s voice rang out unashamedly and unabashedly against what he deemed to be a moral dilemma. If that meant performing spiritual warfare, then so be it.

“My vision personally, for my life is to inspire young people to engage in the spiritual war that is going on in our nation and to inspire young people to join the reformation that’s taking place amongst American Christianity,” Schroeder told The Christian Post.

To Schroeder, this wasn’t just a matter of religious doctrine. It was about love, a sentiment that transcended personal biases. But he also felt a responsibility to be a voice against what he saw as a “demonic stronghold” in our nation where drag queens showed no remorse for their sexualization of minors.

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Others Willing to Stand

Schroeder isn’t the only one in recent months and years who has publicly made a stand for his biblical beliefs in the face of ridicule and persecution. Another street preacher, Damon Atkins, was arrested at a pride event in June in Reading, Pennsylvania, and charged with disorderly conduct for simply reading from his Bible. Police arrested Atkins within 10 minutes after he first began to preach God’s Word.

Fortunately, the charges against Atkins were dropped days later, but he did not receive an apology from the police department. “Praise the Lord and Glory to God and our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” Atkins told CBN News. “I am so thankful so many people have seen my ‘Go and Sin No More’ sign.”

In April 2022, an elderly pastor, John Sherwood, was arrested by police for preaching on the street in London but was cleared of all “hate speech charges” against him. In his early 70s, Sherwood forgave the officers that arrested him.

On a larger scale, Kirk Cameron has used his celebrity persona to his advantage to wage war against unscriptural behavior and a culture he believes is doing irreparable damage to children in America.

The host of “Takeways with Kirk Cameron” on TBN, Cameron is leading a crusade to bring Christian values “back to the table” in America by not only warning parents of the wickedness in public schools but by hosting Christian storybook events in public libraries across the nation. The events have been packed out by people who want to see America return to its Christian roots, and Cameron has been overwhelmed by the response.

“All the forces of darkness are no match for moms and dads who are committed to God, and to their family, and to teaching their children,” Cameron says.

Moral Example

For Schroeder, his entire purpose was to be a moral example to the people of Watertown who had rallied behind him. Their outpouring of support fueled his determination to continue his crusade.

He envisions a future where children would be protected from what he perceived as harmful influences, and his goal was to ensure that events like the one he protested would not happen again.

Schroeder’s story is a modern-day parable of a young man willing to stand up for his beliefs, even in the face of persecution. It is a story of conviction, love and the unyielding pursuit of biblical morality.

Dr. Michael L. Brown writes about the rise of cancel culture and how Christians can overcome it in his book, The Silencing of the Lambs.

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