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(LifeSiteNews) — The New Brunswick Family Court must consider the claims of a gender-confused woman who claims to be the father of another woman’s child.

On Tuesday, August 8, 2023, the precedence-setting custody case for “Pip” began in front of a “Master” of the New Brunswick Family Court. The Master of the court heard claims from representatives of both the child’s biological parents and the gender-confused woman about rights of “parentage” and custody over two-and-a-half-year-old Pip. The outcome of the day’s proceedings was that Pip would be traded back and forth in a chaotic and confusing custody schedule while awaiting another hearing to determine a permanent schedule until the case goes to trial, likely more than a year from now. Meanwhile, during the child’s most formative and vulnerable years, Pip will be forced to go to and from an abusive and manipulative home to which he has no relationship or connection. The boy has already developed behavioral tics and is showing signs of extreme stress.

The gender-confused woman, “Robin,” was accompanied by both her current female partner and her lawyer. Robin claimed she had custody rights and “decision making rights” over Pip as his “father” because, she alleged, she had made a custody agreement with “Felicity,” Pip’s biological mother. Felicity, appearing with her parents, her younger sister, her husband, Pip’s biological father “Mike,” and her own lawyer, counter claimed that Robin’s alleged agreement was obtained by blackmail, agreed upon only because Robin had essentially kidnapped Pip months earlier.

Felicity’s lawyer submitted more than 5 sworn affidavits to the court attesting that Robin abused and coerced Felicity to force her into the alleged agreement. The lawyer also submitted statements attesting to the manipulation Robin used to have her name recorded on Pip’s birth certificate, the document used by Robin to withhold Pip from both his biological parents. The same document was used by police and child services, without legal authority, to discourage Felicity from rescuing her son from Robin.

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Robin’s side has asked the court to grant the gender-confused woman 50 percent custody and 50 percent decision rights in the raising of Pip, to be legally recognized as Pip’s only father, and court costs. Felicity’s side has asked for 100 percent custody and decision rights, that the birth certificate be corrected, that Mike, the boy’s biological father, be named as Pip’s legal father and replace Robin on the birth certificate, that a restraining order be taken out against Robin and her associates from ever coming in contact with Pip, Felicity, or any of her extended family, and for court costs.

The Master of the court had not been aware of the circumstances that had brought everyone to this point, because Robin had failed to mention any of it in her court application. This left the Master incapable of outright dismissing the case, as the allegations must be addressed. While the tone of the proceedings appeared to have changed in Felicity’s favor since the July 18 hearing, this almost assuredly means a long and expensive court battle that will negatively affect Pip for the rest of his life. A nonsense case, which should never have even been considered, will permanently affect a little boy, all because Canadian law has devolved into insanity to satiate the fantasies of gender-confused individuals.

Throughout the August 8 proceedings, the Master of the court was forced to address an obvious female as “Sir.” At one point this woman argued that, despite the sworn affidavits of Felicity, her husband, and Mike to the contrary, they didn’t even know who Pip’s father was, and so she should be the father.

When this eventually goes to trial, it will have ramifications for all Canadian parents. Felicity’s Legal Council told LifeSiteNews that “courts are increasingly moving away from placing any significance on biology,” and “that’s a serious concern, and it’s a risk that would be increased if [Felicity]’s case was decided poorly.” If a liberal judge with an ideological axe to grind decides that Pip must call his mother’s abusive female former friend his father, then Pip’s sad tale could be just the first of many thousands more.

If Pip is forced to live with Robin even 5 percent of the time, it could give others an argument to claim “decision” rights over your child. It might be a former roommate or landlord who spends a couple of hours a week with your kids, the teacher at the school, or the doctor at the hospital; each would be able refer to the precedence of the Pip case to file a claim with the court for legal co-parentage. What will stop the gender-confused person who has lost the ability to have kids of their own from coveting yours?

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