Christian Singer Sean Feucht Fights Back At Newspaper Calling Worship Gathering ‘Dangerous’: ‘God Wins’ – American Faith

Christian singer Sean Feucht fought back against a state newspaper in Idaho for warning his ministry was “dangerous.”

Feucht, who has led worship services across the country since 2020 in a movement called “Let Us Worship,” encourages Christians to pray and stand up for their beliefs.

Prior to his scheduled event in Boise, Idaho last week, the Idaho Statesman’s editorial board wrote an article attacking Feucht, calling him and those involved with the movement to be “dangerous activists.”

The Christian singer and outspoken conservative pushed back against the attacks, saying when you are standing for something big, he is prepared for critics.

“When you’re doing something BIG for the kingdom of God, the opposition is LITERALLY Satan. The good news is that GOD WINS,” Feucht wrote on Twitter.

From Fox News:

Feucht elaborated on his Substack that he didn't condemn the paper for exercising their free speech rights, but found the editorial to be a "shameless plug for the LGBTQ agenda."

"I don't begrudge the Statesman for what they wrote—they are well within their Constitutional right. We both exercised our rights under the same amendment. What they wrote is not so much a critique of the Let Us Worship Movement as it was a shameless plug for the LGBTQ agenda. To stand on the Bible is dangerous in the year 2023, especially when that truth conflicts with the LGTBQ agenda," he wrote.