Sean Feucht: Artist’s Christian Music Success ‘Demonic’

Sean Feucht recently tweeted, “These are truly the last days.” Considering what has happened in the Christian music industry, he may not be too far off in his assessment.

Matthew Blake, who performs as a drag queen under the name of Flamy Grant (he acknowledged in a 2022 interview that name was inspired by successful Christian artist Amy Grant), has found nationwide success as a music artist.

While that may not be so surprising, what is shocking is that his album, “Bible Belt Baby,” hit the top spot on the iTunes Christian and Gospel chart, which includes the album’s lead single “Good Day.”

In response, Feucht tweeted last week, “If you’re wondering the end goal of the deconstruction movement in the church, then look no further than former worship leader Derek Webb’s new collab with a drag queen. These are truly the last days.”

While Webb, a long-time member of the Christian band Caedmon’s Call, has never served as a worship leader, Blake did so for 22 years. He led worship until last year, Newsweek magazine reported.

Proud of his accomplishments, Blake, under his Flamy Grant performer name, tweeted to his followers, “Ya’ll are making such a massive impact for hurting, closeted kids in churches. I know because I was one. I *loved* Christian music growing up.”

Feucht, on the other hand, responded by tweeting that “God always has the final say.

“There’s that one verse about the millstone you may wanna refresh your Bible memory on,” Feucht says. “It’s applicable in this situation when you seek to pervert the innocence of children. At least worth a look!”

Feucht quoted Matthew 18:6, which reads: “But whoever misleads one of these little ones who believe in Me, it would be better for him to have a millstone hung about his neck and be drowned in the depth of the sea.”

Feucht later tweeted, “These people are obsessed with perverting the minds of children in the name of loving people. It is sick, twisted and yes … demonic.”

Undaunted, Blake responded, “End goal? Baby, we’re just getting started,” calling on his Instagram followers to “prove Feucht wrong.” reported that, within hours of Feucht and Blake’s exchange, Blake’s album and song was catapulted to the top of the charts. In that same interview, Blake labeled Feucht as a “hater.”

To further escalate the situation, recently wrote a story with the headline, “What Sean Feucht meant for evil, Flamy Grant experienced as good.”

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Which begs the question, why would a Christian-based website believe that Sean Feucht’s comments were meant for evil, especially when Feucht quoted directly from the Bible?

What is also puzzling is Webb’s contribution to the fray. Before collaborating with the drag performer on his album, Webb featured Blake on his 2023 release titled “The Jesus Hypothesis” on a song called “Boys Will Be Girls.” The video for the single includes both performers in makeup standing in front of a cross and singing twisted lyrics. Those lyrics also didn’t sit well with Evangelist Mario Murillo. He recently wrote that this ploy of the enemy—Blake’s success on the Christian music charts—will deceive many in these last days. “They continue to quote Jesus and use Him as a model for their nefarious mission,” Murillo says.

Murillo quoted Mark 7:8: “You disregard and neglect the commandment of God, and cling [faithfully] to the tradition of men.

“Indeed, turn away from this nonsense,” Murillo wrote. “This is Satan—knowing his time is short—pulling out every last trick he has.”

Satan is working overtime with deception as his main weapon. As Feucht says, the end times are truly upon us.

Mario Murillo asks in his book, “It’s Our Turn Now,” “How can we ever hope for the world to get better if we keep limiting what God can do?

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Shawn A. Akers is the online editor at Charisma Media.

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