2 Pastors Captive for 7,000+ Days Along with 400 Other Christians

Persecuted, but not forgotten – July 22nd marked 7,000 days and nights of captivity for two Eritrean pastors imprisoned with an estimated 400 Christians in the east African country.

Seven-thousand days – that’s more than 19 years – for simply preaching the gospel.

On this week’s episode of The Global Lane, Voice of the Martyrs radio host Todd Nettleton tells of the two pastor’s plight and why Eritrea is called “the North Korea of Africa.”

“Both of these pastors were part of the Full Gospel Church in Eritrea, back in 2002 the government called in the leaders of most of the evangelical churches in the country and said, ‘You are closed’,” Nettleton explained.

Many churches went underground, but the government hunted down those Christians and arrested them, imprisoning them indefinitely without even charging them with a crime.

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