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(LifeSiteNews) — Today’s episode of The John-Henry Westen Show is the second half of my interview with Zachary King, a former Satanist who is now a practicing Catholic and runs a pro-life ministry dedicated to stopping abortion.

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King, recalling his role as High Wizard in the Church of Satan, described it as the “top position” in Satanism. “I was travelling the world and my job was just to do magic,” he tells me. “I show up looking like I do, and they know what my job is, they know why I’m there, and I was a big deal.”

However, King notes that the role of High Wizard eventually became boring. King compared his role to being the owner of a giant candy store, with the candies sold used as stand-ins for various sins, he says.

“I’m selling people’s souls to the Illuminati, I’m meeting with people for hexes, I’m splitting churches, and after about three years, I notice that there’s no new sins being made,” he recounts. “And then a new candy bar comes out. And I’m all excited because a new candy bar, we’ve had the same 25,000 candy bars in this building the whole time. … And I run over and rip off the wrapper, and it’s the same candy,  just has a new wrapper. It’s nothing new.”

Magic itself became boring to King, and while he admits that he was addicted to it, he wanted to stop. Eventually, King decided to withdraw money from his bank account in small increments of up to $20 in an effort to avoid getting noticed, until such time as he could escape. He did so when on the way to a Satanic doctor one Friday evening, recalling that he simply drove until his car ran out of gas, missing the appointment.

Having spent the night in his car, he hitchhiked into the nearest town, sold his car for scrap, and rode a Greyhound bus to the Canadian border, thinking there would be few Satanic covens in the country. When he was denied entry, Greyhound gave him a free ticket to wherever he wanted to go, taking him to Oklahoma. King would again attempt to cross into Canada near Burlington, Vermont, two years later, only to be sent back across the border by a border guard that he was told would not be there. All the while, King was still doing magic.

Returning to Burlington, King found work at a series of places in the area, eventually becoming a manager for a jewelry store. It was while at the jewelry store that he converted to the Catholic faith.

“I did a magic spell one night,” King recounts. “The next day I went in to work, and this woman came up looking for a pair of gold-hoop earrings, so that she had somehow managed to lose a pair.” Having bought a pair of earrings, the woman offered King a Miraculous Medal.

“And then she tells me the weirdest thing I’ve heard in my life,” King says, emphasizing that he used to be associated with people that did drugs regularly. “She said, ‘The Blessed Mother is calling you into Her Army.’” When the woman emphasized that the medal was powerful, King decided that he would tell her that the medal was “worthless.” Taking the medal, however, King received a mystical experience.

“I stick my hand out, she drops it in my hand, and I clench my fist around it … [and] when I clench my fist around it, my store and my mall completely disappear,” King tells me. Standing with him in a dark void was the woman that gave him the medal, who recounted all the sins that King did while High Wizard, ending each sin with the words, “And that’s of the Devil.”

“And she says again, ‘The Blessed Mother is calling you into Her Army,’” King continues. “And instantly, like a grace by the Holy Spirit, I knew that was the Mother of God. … And when I realized it was the Mother of God, Mary showed up.” King recalls that Mary turned him around and took him to Christ, appearing to him as the Divine Mercy.

“And in that instant I knew that I did not sell my soul to the devil when I was 13. I knew that Jesus Christ was my Lord and Savior. I knew that all my magic, my new age, my Satanism, my occult, was all false, and I knew everything Catholic was truth. And the Blessed Mother told me that my job was to help her end abortion.”

When King got home, he told his wife that he became Catholic, much to her chagrin. However, both went to daily Mass the next day, and King began going to adoration regularly, spending up to 18 hours a day there at a time. 

King also describes his ministry, All Saints Ministry, dedicated to teaching people how to fight spiritual warfare, especially abortion. LifeSite is currently hosting a LifeFunder for King’s ministry, which can be found here.

King further tells me about a four-step method of closing abortion mills, consisting of prayer and fasting, a Eucharistic procession with a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe and a Rosary, an exorcism, and a Mass.

Giving an example of one such instance of the method, his bishop said a Mass in front of an abortion mill in Wichita, Kansas, and at the Latin Mass for Midnight Mass of Christmas, King and his family saw an abortion doctor who had not been to a Latin Mass for over five decades. Afterwards she stopped performing abortions and moved away.

Closing the interview, King emphasized that people cannot sell their soul to the devil. “I want to reiterate that you cannot sell what you don’t own,” he tells me. “If you think you’ve sold your soul to the devil, you have not. … You have salvation waiting for you. All you’ve got to do is go to confession, give your will back to God, and you’ll be free.”

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Help a former Satanist fight abortion and the occult: LifeFunder