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(LifeSiteNews) — On this week’s episode of The Van Maren Show, Jonathon explains why Andrew Tate, the famous social media influencer known for promoting hypermasculinity, should not be looked up to by young conservative men, despite receiving attention from conservative figures such as Tucker Carlson. 

According to Jonathon, Tate’s status as a popular figure comes from the fact that “he’s selling something very specific to young men.” 

“If you watch his videos, he’s an incredibly muscular guy who talks about how young men should be hungry, that you should take control of your own life, that you should get out there, you should make something of yourself, you shouldn’t be weak,” Jonathon explains. 

Admitting that he can see why Tate is popular, Jonathon also states that while Tate claims that everything he says would have been “considered normal just a couple of years ago,” the claim is untrue. He stresses that some people are ignorant of what Tate claims, such as the belief that he is smart enough never to read a book and that “people who read too much are part of the problem with our society,” the belief that sexual fidelity is only for women, and that men are better off sleeping with a surgically mutilated gender-confused man rather than an “ugly” woman. 

“His version of sexuality is a pre-Christian view of sexuality,” Jonathon maintains. “The view of sexuality he is putting forward would be the ancient Roman view of sexuality, ancient Roman or ancient Greek.” Jonathon adds that even though Tate is “putting forward [his worldview] under the guise of Christianity,” he is a “self-described pimp who made all of his millions running porn sites.” 

Acknowledging that Tate currently faces human trafficking charges in Romania for allegedly using the “lover boy scheme” to produce pornography, and that Tate is presenting himself as the “victim of the Romanian authorities,” Jonathon argues that Tate’s legal troubles are inconsequential regarding the question as to whether Tate is conservative or not. 

Citing a video of Tate beating a woman with a belt to the point of spilling blood in a sexual context – an action that Tate has defended as consensual and legal, which Jonathon points out is an argument used by pro-abortion and LGBT activists – Jonathon notes: “I don’t really care if this was legal, because at the end of the day, Andrew Tate openly defends physically assaulting a woman, hitting her, beating her, degrading her, doing awful things to her, because it’s consensual.” 

“I don’t care if that’s not what he’s being charged with,” Jonathon continued. “What I care about is that Andrew Tate defends sexual violence in the sexual romantic context, and that is absolutely unacceptable. The fact that he accepts sexual violence, the fact that he defends his own sexual violence, doesn’t repudiate it, doesn’t say he’s changed his mind, doesn’t say, ‘I shouldn’t have done that,’ this is evidence that he is a toxic influence on young people, and that the masculinity he is promoting is not centered on protecting and defending women.” 

“Andrew Tate is not a traditionalist,” Jonathon states. “He’s a pornographer who says he’s too smart to read … The reality is he promotes the very degeneracy that he claims that he condemns. He is fundamentally a creature of our current moment; because our post-sexual revolution culture advocates gender neutrality and actually condemns real traditional masculinity, he can advocate overt misogyny and claim to be defending traditionalism and masculinity.” 

Jonathon further holds that Tate’s popularity is “an indication that in our pornified, post-Christian society, this particular path has proven attractive to legions of confused young men,” adding that in a society that has failed to provide them with “guidelines or pathways” for obtaining “true heroism or real usefulness, … many are clinging to the false promises of Andrew Tate.”

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