Singer-songwriter Ryan Stevenson’s music is always imbued with honesty and vulnerability, and his fourth full-length Gotee Records release, ABLE, adds to the collection. The song “Carry Me,” is a solid example. The chorus states: “I need you to carry me; Lord, won’t you carry me; All my weight is weighing down; Without you I won’t make it out; So won’t you, carry me; Jesus please, carry me; Cause all the fight in me is gone; I need your strength to carry on; So won’t you carry me.”  

Stevenson reflected on the special meaning of the music. “‘Carry Me’ is the deepest expression of how I’ve felt over the last three years,” Stevenson said in a release. “It’s been a daily prayer for me, having dealt with tremendous fear, uncertainty, and feelings of rejection. I experienced a lot of loneliness in this last season, and simply asking God to carry me felt like the prayer of a child longing for his dad.” Other song highlights include the title cut, an expression of God’s faithfulness; “When We Finally Get There,” a beautiful ballad that looks forward to heaven; and “The Answer,” which depicts God as the solution and hope for challenges and problems. This pop record provides strong encouragement centering on God’s devotion and help. (Gotee Records)