92% Vaccinated China Expects to Suffer 65 Million New COVID Infections Per Week – American Faith

China’s latest COVID-19 wave is expected to peak “at about 65 million infections a week” in June, according to a senior health adviser quoted by Bloomberg.

Omicron subvariant XBB, leading the viral resurgence, is expected to result in 40 million infections a week by the end of May.

This is before peaking at 65 million per week the following month.

However, the vast majority (91.9%) of China’s pollution has been vaccinated against COVID as of February 9, raising questions about the vaccine’s advertised ability to protect against the disease.

Screenshot from ourworldindata.org taken May 24, 2023

The bleak news was reported by respiratory disease specialist Zhong Nanshan, winner of the Republic Medal and a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, at a biotech conference in the southern city of Guangzhou.

Despite the country’s high vaccination rate failing to protect from spikes in COVID infections, China, with its 1.4 billion residents, is preparing to roll out new vaccines that will allegedly target XBB.

Meanwhile, a U.K. community-based population study published in the prestigious journal Nature confirmed that those who have previously been infected with SARS-CoV-2 demonstrate a lower rate of new Omicron infections compared to those who were vaccinated.

The peer-reviewed study showed that natural infection “provides longer-lasting protection against further infections than booster vaccinations.”

Thirty-year Texas physician Dr. Richard Bartlett weighed in, noting that scientific studies consistently support the superiority of natural immunity over vaccine-induced attempts to replicate it.

“Natural immunity has existed for thousands of years. Once again, another scientific study demonstrates that natural immunity is superior to attempts to mimic it through vaccine-induced methods,” he told American Faith.

“We were led to believe the fantasy that natural immunity was ineffective and performed poorly compared to experimental gene therapy. However, the evidence is undeniable and irrefutable.”