Kari Lake Announces Largest ‘Ballot Chasing Operation’ in State History (Watch) – American Faith

In a Tuesday press conference, Kari Lake made a series of impassioned statements while announcing the launch of what she characterized as “the largest, most extensive ballot chasing operation in our state’s history, and frankly, possibly in American history.”

Lake, disheartened by recent court decisions upholding election results, criticized the judiciary, asserting, “The courts just ruled that this corrupt election will stand. The courts just ruled that our elections can run lawlessly.”

In response to these rulings, Lake voiced her intent to mobilize a veritable army of supporters.

“If anything goes, then anything goes, and we are going to start chasing ballots like you’ve never seen,” she stated.

Her intention is to rally “moms and dads and citizens” to ensure electoral transparency and integrity.

She said that “we will not allow them to steal another election from we, the people, we want our government back.”

Lake expressed her contempt for the current officeholders, stating, “We have people sitting in these offices at our government who are not duly elected.”

In preparation for the battle ahead, she also reported that her team has secured “millions of dollars” in commitments and “thousands of volunteers” dedicated to the cause.

She wasn’t shy about contrasting her side with the opposition, confidently decalring, “We are better at doing everything better than the left at doing everything.”

Lake also criticized the left for nominating candidates who “aren’t even healthy enough to hold office,” and “can’t even string two or three words together.”

The Republican gubernatorial candidate also made a stark assertion about the political game board: “We’ve been playing checkers, they’ve been playing chess. And we’re gonna start, um, we’re gonna show up to a knife fight with a gun, not a knife.”

Addressing the future of her massive movement, she suggested, “We’re going to make sure that we employ every single person in it, volunteers, mothers, fathers, individuals, students, even the kids.”

Lake stated the objective was not merely to contest, but also to “register voters.”

In a jesting, but poignant remark, Lake said: “We’re gonna register every. Man, woman, child, dog, saguaro, tequila, monster.”

She was quick to clarify, “Yes, I’m being facetious. I’m sure that’ll be your headline.”

She ended with a vow to “push the envelope,” and even though the courts have ruled that anything goes, Lake affirmed her commitment to continue her legal battles.

“We’re not stopping here, we’re not stopping with one judge in Nassa who’s ruled against this time and time again,” she promised.

With the backing of “the people of this great state” and “this great country,” Lake remains determined to expose what she considers frauds sitting in state offices, saying, “They absolutely know their frauds, and we all do.”

Kari Lake’s remarks present an unwavering resolve to continue her electoral struggle, making clear that she is prepared to rally support, challenge existing structures, and fundamentally change the way elections are contested.

Watch the announcement below: