What the Bible Says About Marriage

This series will not add to the growing noise with my anecdotes, funny stories, and bare lived-out experiences. Instead, this will be a series on what the Bible says. How it defines marriage, sex, manhood, womanhood, gender roles, and many other topics that are long overdue to be addressed.

Why a Marriage Series?

The downfall of every civilization begins with a collapse in marriage. In the beginning, God designed covenant marriage as the fundamental unit of human society. He called one man and one woman to enter into a one-flesh union that would bring fruitful labor into every neighborhood, would multiply God’s blessings into every town, would extend God’s reign to the ends of the earth, and would bring the kind of stability that would establish empires and kingdoms. Without healthy and God-glorifying marriages, there will be no culture worth preserving, no society left to flourish, and no nation that could stand.

Think about it like a fully ripened apple tree. In a peculiar fit of madness, a farmer could take a baseball bat and knock every delicious honey-crisp apple right off that tree. Nothing would happen, except maybe there would be a noticeable lack of apple pies for Thanksgiving. But, suppose he saw the error in his ways and never undertook such an action again, the apples would come back the following year, and nothing catastrophic would occur to the tree.

The same could not be said if that same farmer decided to take an axe and attack one of the exposed roots that are visible above the soil.

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