Down the Slope of Euthanasia

I wonder whether our lawmakers and judges can see that it will be the most vulnerable in society – those lonely and with little support – who will face the greatest pressure with these expanding euthanasia laws? A Christian looks to God, even on the most painful and humiliating of days. Hasn’t He proven that He is greater than our burdens?

Evil has a way of begetting evil and gaining momentum (Prov.11:27). Once the door for euthanasia was opened, ‘bracket creep’ was inevitable.

In 2017, the director of a Dutch facility that specialises in euthanasia said: “If there was any taboo, it has gone. There is a generation coming up, the postwar generation, which is now coming to the life stage in which they will die, and this generation has a far clearer and expressed opinion about how to shape their own life end. I expect far more growth in the years to come.”

Every state in Australia now has voluntary assisted dying (VAD) laws and there are reports that next month (May 2023) a Federal Court judge will rule on allowing telehealth consultations between a doctor and patient about VAD.

In addition, Marshall Perron, former chief minister of the Northern Territory, is pushing for the ACT to allow people with non-terminal conditions and under-18s to access VAD.

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