Crisis at the Border: Tragedy? Travesty? Treason? – Intercessors for America

That there is a crisis at our border is undeniable. However, this crisis is being occasioned by a crisis in our nation’s capital. The hypocrisy of the left is tangible, as the Biden administration opts to throw open the flood gates to criminal activity that includes sex trafficking of minors rather than to promote meaningful naturalization reform that is fair, expeditious, and transparent — so that immigrants can legally become U.S. citizens.

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Meanwhile, thousands of innocent people, many of them minors, are being subjected to the horrors of sexual and labor exploitation due to lax national security efforts at the border, creating what can only be described as an international tragedy. Border states are bearing the financial burden and the negative effects of unprecedented floods of illegal immigrants into their jurisdictions, evidencing a purposed policy travesty. And all of this is being occasioned by the Biden administration and Washington Democrats, for what could only be a desire to see our nation implode, which is undeniably treason.

The federal government possesses legitimate authority only over those areas specifically enumerated within the Constitution. The Constitution grants federal oversight to the implementation of uniform laws of naturalization. It is important to note that this means simply that the power to decide how immigrants legally become U.S. citizens is granted to the federal government. However, the way to deal with immigrants within our borders, most especially with those who are in no way attempting to become citizens legally, is found nowhere within the Constitution. This means that while the laws on naturalization belong to the federal government, the laws on immigration have been reserved to the states.

In the case of Arizona v. United States, a liberal Supreme Court during the Obama administration rendered an opinion expanding the powers of the federal government in this area, beyond what proper constitutional authority allows. This is the prime time for such key states as Texas to nullify Biden’s unconstitutional immigration policies — not only by ignoring them, but also by implementing alternative, effective immigration policies that protect all parties, including innocent and exploited immigrants, U.S. citizens, and the patrol agents within their borders. James Madison warned that we should “take alarm at the first experiment on our liberties,” for if we allow such errors to become steeped in precedent, we will come under tyranny, and if we submit to such tyranny, we become slaves. We are slouching dangerously close to such slavery.

From a biblical perspective, we should indeed have hearts of compassion for “the stranger at the gate.” But even Israel understood the need to confirm the sincerity of the desire of outsiders to assimilate within the community, and Israel took drastic measures to ensure such genuineness among those wishing to emigrate. True naturalization laws function best when the goal and aim is to promote those wishing to become legal citizens, and not to foster those who enter illegally. Our current system of naturalization, with its onerous red tape, serves to discourage and delay legal citizenry — and, potentially, even to extort, through exorbitant costs. If those on the left were genuine in caring for immigrants, they would not ignore the need to streamline the process for legal entrance into our nation, in favor of promoting a massive flood of illegals rife with criminality.

Let us pray for boldness and wisdom for the legislatures and governors in border states such as Texas. Let us pray that what is now being done in darkness will be brought out into the light. And let us pray that this tragedy, travesty, and treason will be stayed — once and for all.

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Cynthia Dunbar is an attorney, a constitutional scholar, a former law professor at Liberty University School of Law, and a board member of IFA. She is co-host with Dave Kubal of IFA’s Constitutional Corner. Click Freedom Focus to learn more about how our constitutional republic should function. Click Books to purchase booklets by Cynthia. Click Schedule to set up a speaking engagement.