Liz Yore urges the faithful to defend the Church from evil ‘as if it was our children’ – LifeSite

(LifeSiteNews) — You may know a bit about Liz Yore if you’re a regular listener of Faith & Reason. But did you know she once worked with victims of clerical sex abuse, an experience which continues to play a role in her outspoken vigilance against evil elements in the Church?

Today on The John-Henry Westen Show, I’m back out in front of the White House for a special interview with the legal expert and faithful Catholic activist. We discuss Yore’s background, work, and how her prayer life sustains her tireless advocacy for life, faith, family, and freedom.

Yore reveals she had a “crisis of faith” while meeting with dozens of clerical sex abuse victims as general counsel of the Illinois Department of Child and Family Services. She was brokenhearted over the fact that certain priests “robbed” great Catholic boys of their potentials.

From this experience Yore realized that “we need to look at the Church as if it was our family.”

“What I realized after venting to the Lord in prayer [is that] if we don’t step up and be involved to cleanse and purify our Church in whatever way, whether it’s through prayer, whether it’s through the sacraments, Rosary, whether it’s through advocacy, whether it’s keeping eyes on the altar and speaking out, then the Church won’t thrive,” she tells me.

Yore’s promise to remain vigilant against the infiltration of evil was only strengthened after she participated in a conference led by Pope Francis in 2013 that was supposed to be about human trafficking.

She says her “soul was rattled” because she heard a lot about “climate change” but nothing about human trafficking. She told herself that from here on out she would keep an extremely close eye on Francis’ papacy.

“I want to awaken the faithful to what’s going on in this global reset, in what I view as the really pivotal role that’s being played by the Vatican in the global reset, which is in many respects … providing the moral voice of the New World Order,” she says. “And to me, that’s shocking. And I just can’t remain silent.”

Despite the bad actors in the Church, Yore’s spiritual life is stronger than ever. She implores the faithful to cling to Christ’s Church no matter what. She also urges those who have walked away from the Church to come back.

“The devil has infiltrated certain parts of the Church. And what he wants, his goal, is for us to walk away,” she says. “And so no matter how long you’ve been away from the Church, you’ve got to come back. … You’re going to have to do some work. You’re going to have to find a parish you like. But God’s going to plop you down in a place with people who support you and love you and pray for you.”

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