Satanic Ritual at Pro-Life Center – Intercessors for America

I Prayed

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Lord, our hearts are grieved by the slaughter of innocents. How horrible that those who thirst after the blood of humans would shed the blood of animals to worship Satan and frighten those doing Your work! Bring them under conviction, O God of the Angel Armies! Break curses off the workers and patients at the JMJ Pregnancy Center!

The decapitated bodies of three animals — including a lamb — were found outside a pro-life pregnancy center on May 10. The Satanic Temple has an “abortion ritual,” and Bob Perron, executive director of the JMJ Pregnancy Center in Orlando, Florida, believes slaughtering animals outside their clinic, which provides other options to women, could possibly be a ritual and attack from satanists.

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Sadly the center did need to close for one day because it took so long for authorities to remove the animals that they began to stink. “Our moms are going through enough,” said Perron in an interview with Billy Hollowell, senior writer for Perron continued, “They’re already in crisis mode, and they did not need that and neither did our staff.”

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(Video from CBN News. Photo Credit: Canva)